Big Mac Sriracha Sauce – LOVIN IT!

How do you reinvent or reinvigorate a classic? We get really attached to things and sometimes change can upset the balance.

Remember New Coke? Yeah, that was gross and moreover it became Coca-Cola advocates to become angry and disenfranchised with the brand.

Changes to products we feel really passionate about are very hard for a brand to tackle but sometimes you have to do them to bring attention back to the business. I’m here to tell you that new changes to the Big Mac from McDonald’s are not going to upset you. In fact, you’ll be lovin it!

You can now get your two all beef patties, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions all on a sesame seed bun with a new Sriracha Big Mac sauce! The sauce itself is really tangy and has a nice kick to it. It’s a tasty new option to enjoy and old classic. But the real secret is to use it to dip your nuggets and fries!

It’s also the right sauce to pull together a Double Quarter Pounder, Double Premium Chicken, Grand Mac — if you’ve got the skills to build it.

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