Enter To Win Jord Watches $100 Gift Card and Stare at Burgers

Burger lovers – get yourself to Bing’s Burgers stat! I’ve had a lot of burgers in my life. Nothing frustrates me more than when a chef or restaurant tries to put together a creative burger and it just ends up sucking from being over thought.

You do not need to have this concern about Bing’s!

Take for example the Southern Burger – Waffle bun, breaded burger patty, bacon, maple syrup, Swiss. I would never walk into a restaurant, see this on a menu and order it. I am so glad that I got this because it was incredibly well executed and extremely delicious!

Go now, you won’t be disappointed.

You know how I know when it’s Burger Time? My Jord Watch Dover wood watch. Its made from natural zebrawood and dark sandalwood.

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