Lets Talk About the Little Beet Table Grassfed Burger

Is that bacon or the Burger sticking its tongue out at you? It’s the Happy Valley Grass-Fed Double Burger fromĀ Little Beet Table. The Burger is topped with Vermont cheddar, bacon, lettuce, tomato, special sauce and served with sweet potato on the side.

When I got invited there for lunch, I read the business description on the website:
“Modern restaurant offering organic, vegetarian-focused & gluten-free menu.” My initial feelings probably measured somewhere between “ehhhhh” and “maybe.”

Not that I don’t appreciate any of those things, but typically I’m looking for food that’s saucy, over the top, protein-based, fries and in general, not really considered a “healthy choice.”

Well I’m glad I chose to go because this Burger was excellent!

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