The Craziest Most Awesome Sandwiches In Miami

This is not your average steak sandwich. There are a lot of chefs and restaurants out there trying to be unique, original and creative. Some of them nail it and some of them are doing it because they think they have to.

And then there is Chef Reuben Ruiz.

His brain does not work like everyone else’s. Whereas others have to look for inspiration or have to channel it from deep within, creative cuisine just flows out of him as if it’s a faucet he just turns on.

Follow him on Instagram and within after seeing a couple of his insanely creative dishes, you’ll be already planning a trip to visit him at Airport Cafe and Liquors.

Example: his Maduro steak sandwich- mojo marinated steak with caramelized onions, sweet plantains and crispy potato sticks. You’ve never had anything like it.

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