Whoa That Cheese Melt at Juniper Bar

When you enterĀ Juniper Bar, the first though on your mind will not be “this place is going to have some really unique and tasty Burgers.” More likely you’ll be thinking this is a great bar / restaurant in an otherwise dead part of midtown near Penn Station, typically only inhabited by old school Irish bars with subpar good.

Or something like that…

Then you’ll see the Burger menu and that’s wen everything will change!

This is the Chipotle Burger. It’s topped with tortilla chips, bacon, caramelized onions, cilantro, chipotle aioli and American Cheese instead of pepper jack. Loved the crunch of the chips and the cilantro really made it feel like it the ingredients of a tasty taco on top of my Burger.


Remember this: good Burgers Near Penn Station: Juniper Bar

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