Deep Fry Your Life With DudeFoods

I did not invent The Bacon Wrapped Macaroni and Cheese Bun Cheeseburger, but I definitely want to eat one! And if you do too, you can get the recipe from DudeFoods!

It’s the recipe from the man known as Nicky Lasagna, a food lover that has taken his appreciation of all things savory and greasy to a new level by creating epic recipes like Pulled Pork Corn DogsThe Hot Ham & Cheese With a Deep Fried Macaroni and Cheese Bun and this:

The McDonald’s French Fry Breaded Deep Fried Big Mac

If you’re a Burger, bacon, cheese, french fry, hot wing, pizza and all things fast food fanatic, like me and Nicky, check out his blog and his podcast.

Nicky and his co-host Wes invited me on the show to talk about how I became known as an expert burger taster, my connection to hip-hop legend Rev Run  and a reveal of the 2018 NY Burger Week, check out the episode.

Maybe I can convince him to feature my White Castle creation, “The Ex-Crave-Ibur.” Its a breakfast sandwich made entirely from White Castle leftovers, and eggs.

Top to bottom:
– Soft Roll
– White Castle Cheese Sauce
– White Castle Marinara Sauce
– White Castle Mozzarella Stick
– Dippy Egg
– White Castle Onion Petals
– White Castle Chicken Rings
– White Castle Crinkle Cut French a Fries
– White Castle Cheeseburger, Red Eye Gravy Hash
– White Castle Cheese Sauce
– Soft Roll

So if you have ever thought, “Hmmm. I wonder what it would be like if I combined every sandwich on the menu at McDonald’s,” you don’t have to wonder any more, Nicky created the “McEverything” for you.

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