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Why Is a Pastrami Sandwich On a Dating App?

Pastrami called. It misses you. Why did you ghost? I know that last time you hung out it got real heavy. Pastrami is not looking for anything serious. Heck, its way too awesome to have a commitment. It just wants … Continue reading →

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Thanks Pizzeria Sirenetta For My New Career as a Pasta Model

Look at the steam coming off this!!! It’s spaghettini with san marzano tomato sauce, basil, parmigiano reggiano from Pizzeria Sirenetta. You’re gonna wanna eat this when you go there along with one of their pizzas. Don’t skip the apps! Their appetizer … Continue reading →

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3 Ways To Improve Shake Shack’s Chicken Sandwich

So I found three ways to improve the fried chicken sandwich Shake Shack: Add bacon. Add cherry peppers. Serve over cheese fries.

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The One Time You Will Order a Burger Over Steak

The Butcher Cut Bacon Burger Del Frisco’s Grille will make you think twice about ordering a steak. More likely you’ll get it as an appetizer for your steak. Yeah, that’s the move! It’s topped with Aged Cheddar, Sloppy Sauce, Tomato, Pickle. Comes … Continue reading →

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San Matteo Pizzeria e Cucina – Top 10 Restaurant Meals in NYC

I’ve lived in the New York City area since 1996. I have eaten a lot of meals at a lot of restaurants. San Matteo Pizzeria e Cucina rated in my top 10. It was so good that I’m almost kind of upset … Continue reading →

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Disco Cheese Curds Are a Thing

…and you can get them covered in gravy! The Disco curds game Ethyl’s Alcohol and Food is serious. Very serious. As serious as fried cheese with rich, groovy brown gravy can be!

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What is a Thunder Bun and Why Do You Need To Eat It

Welcome to the Thunder Bun! A brand new concept from the Schnipper’s brothers. Located across from the Whitehall Terminal in FiDi. They offer an array of delicious Burgers, chicken and veggie sandwiches as well as market sides like elote and roasted broccoli. One … Continue reading →

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The Fried Chicken and French Fries Check list

? ✅ ??✅ ???✅ ?✅ Yup. Blue Ribbon Fried Chicken has all the elements you need for a perfect meal. Be sure to bring a friend.

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How Do Algorithms Work – Answered With Fried Chicken

It’s chicken…in a waffle cone. It’s fork-free. It’s @chickncone! I’m reading a book on automation and as I’m done getting the stories and theories, my brain goes to food. Intelligent automation is powered by algorithms. Algorithms are made up of lines … Continue reading →

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You Need to Eat: French Onion Beef Sandwich From Melt Shop

File under things you need to eat: French Onion Beef sandwich from Melt Shop. Imagine a French onion soup in a bread bowl but instead of soup under all that yummy melted cheese, its extra delicious hot roast beef! Now that’s … Continue reading →

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