Get Angry Dog With A Queso Burger

When is the last time you had 6 Burgers in one day? For me it was last Wednesday. It was my first time in Dallas where I actually had the opportunity to check out some local grub and I took advantage of it as best I could.

My 5th of the day was from Angry Dog in Deep Ellum. This one took me by surprise. I thought it was going to be just another bar Burger but I was so wrong. Menu description: “D BEST. A half-pound of the highest-quality ground beef, cooked to order, with your choice of mustard or mayo (or both). Served with red onions (raw or grilled), lettuce, tomato & pickles on the side. Customize with items from our EXTRAS section.

One thing I learned about Dallas is that the mustard-mayo combo is a thing. I’d normally pass but decided to roll like the locals. I also went with queso as my cheese, which definitely turned out to be the right move.

The Burg was excellent but what really set my meal apart was the choice of side items. Of course they have the standard fries, onion rings, salad, etc but they also offer the side of the house made refried greens topped with cheese and salsa. Our waiter also highly recommend adding the hot wing sauce to it.

Holy mama of Texas, it was the best bowl of refried beans I’ve ever had my life! Sorry no pictures as it just didn’t photograph well. That being said I recommend, no, I demand you go and eat it soon as possible!

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The Increíble Chicken Torta From Tortaria

It’s seldom that I get excited, and I mean REALLY amped, about a chicken sandwich. In fact, most times when I’m eating a 🍗🍞, I’m wishing it was a 🍔.

So with that in mind, I’m telling you that the Milanesa de Pollo from Tortaria is volteando increíble!!! (Thanks Google Translate.)

The menu reads; panko-crusted chicken cutlet cooked until golden brown and served with spicy black beans, melted Oaxaca cheese, avocado, pickled red onion and jalapeño, chipotle mayo and cilantro sprigs. It’s so good.

The Burger and fries were quite excellent as well, but we will get to those in another post.

Thanks to @hungryhippie_ for the introduction!

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The Best Oatmeal You’ll Ever Eat

Never in my life have I ever chosen one restaurant over another because of oatmeal. Well that’s no longer the case thanks to SNUG on the Square in McKinney, TX!

The peach blackberry cobbler is not just the best oatmeal I’ve ever eaten but I would drive out of my way to get it.

Holy smokes.

And … if that’s not enough for you, the pimento cheese sandwich with bacon and candied jalapeños on dark molasses toast is from another planet. And by another planet I mean something this delicious has to have descended upon us from a heavenly body.

Eat them now.

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It’s Chicken Parm … Inside a Garlic Knot

It’s a mini chicken parm…in side an over-sized garlic knot.

I was considering writing a lengthy endorsement filled with a cornucopia of colorful, graphic and drool worthy descriptors, but I think that opening sentence really delivers everything it needs to.

If you’re not into chicken parm or garlic knots, you can immediately turn away. If these are items that get your cravings kicking into gear, the pure marriage of these two items should drive enough desire to want one.

The fact that you’re tuning into my words and photographical delivery of the existence of this item means we’ve built some trust. In other words, if I’m sharing it, I’m endorsing it and that’s what you expect from me.

So if that sentence does what it’s intended to do, you’re already planning a visit to Hold My Knots at Urbanspace Broadway Bites.

I’ll see you there.

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Bar Suzette at Madison Square Eats

Who gets a Cheeseburger and Parmesan truffle fries at a Creperie?


Bar Suzette  at Urbanspace Mad Sq Eats

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Rochelle’s NYC – Hot Cheeto Fries

It is FryDay and you did not come here to play games!!! You take your fries seriously. That’s why you need to get to Leave Rochelle Out of It for Wisco Disco Fries!!

These no hold barred fries are topped with spicy hot Cheetos, ground beef and melted cheddar.

Enjoy, unabashedly.

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Stout’s Angry Burger at Broadway Bites

Get yourself over to Urbanspace’s BroadwayBites and crush the Angry Burger from Stout!

After the Burger has been grilled it takes a bath in Frank’s hot sauce and then gets topped with Maytag blue cheese and crispy onions.

I slipped through in my commute home to eat it because I’m a multi-tasker like that. But you however, can grab a table and enjoy a tasty 🍔  outside.

Thanks to RVD Communications for putting together the tasting. Me, I’m going to Stout tonight for another round!

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National Donut Day

It’s National Donut Day. You know what to do right?


For more information on other food holidays, check out the Ultimate Food Holidays Foodie Calendar.

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Roberta’s Pizza Madison Square Eats

A near perfect moment happened to me today. I was just getting hungry for lunch.

While scrolling through Instagram I came across a photo that almost had me biting my phone from @skinnypignyc.

It was a pizza from Roberta’s Pizza.

Then I remembered they had a pop up across the street from my office Urban Space’s Mad Sq Eats. Emailed Asia from RVD Communications as I walked over.

She quickly responded suggesting the Bee Sting Pizza with spicy soppressata and honey.

Minutes later I had that pizza (and a Margherita) in my hand!

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Nathan’s Cheese Fries

There are cheese fries and then there are CHEEEEEEEEEEEEEZZZ FRIIIIIEESSSSSSS.

Which would you prefer?

Nathan’s gets it.

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