Royale – Alphabet City is A-OK!

157 Avenue C
New York, NY10009

You can put me at a table in the fanciest restaurant and serve me the most high-end burger one can afford but to me, burgers are best served at a picnic table. If you go to Royale, speed on through the bar area and head to the patio. There’s heat lamps for the winter and you can smoke.

As for the burger – wow – go Royale with Cheese and Bacon. Quality bun, great tasting bacon and the cheddar is strong but not too strong. My medium rare delight was cooked just right and over all, this sports bar makes a darn tootin tasty beef touchdown.

There’s a reason its on top 10 list.

P.S. We don’t judge on sides but the onion rings are amazing!

8 out of 10 ounces

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1 Response to Royale – Alphabet City is A-OK!

  1. Tim Tats says:

    Quality burger all around here. I wish that the bacon had some more flavor, but I won’t frown upon it because the tasty burger made up for it. If you plan on eating here, the shoe string fries and the onion rings are a must and very good addition to the meal.

    8 out of 10 oz.

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