Lucky’s Famous – When words loose their meaning.

Lucky’s Famous
370 West 52nd St
New York, NY

On this historic election day, I did my part as a US citizen and voted for the presidential election. I then thought I would do my civic duty as a bugerist and report one in for you. An educated voter is the best kind!

I love the vibe of this 1950s futuristic vision of a burger shop in Hell’s Kitchen. Only a couple seats and stools and a small, short order menu. That’s a sign of dedication. Unfortunately, the excitement ends there.

$9 gets you Lucky #1; a cheese burger, fries and a fountain soda. The fries are nothing special although cooked perfectly. The best part about the not so big burger was the Lucky Sauce. A buttery kind of maybe 1000 island style dressing. Avoid the chipotle mayo. It tastes like cigarettes and cayenne in mayo. The burger itself was good but not great.

I’m not sure how they got “famous” but its not because they have “The Best Burgers On Earth!” Maybe its the perfectly round slices of lettuce!

Worth it if you want a fast, greasy burger but not if you are looking for something special.

5 out 10 ounces

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