5 Napkin Burger – A 1 Napkin Victory

5 Napkin Burger
630 9th Ave
New York, NY 10036

When this Hell’s Kitchen eatery opened, my interest was instantly piqued. A name like “5 Napkin Burger” automatically sets the bar pretty high for expectations. A great burger really should be greasy and should provide some level of difficulty in maintaining clean hands while consuming. With curiosity killing the cat, we made a reservation (yes I just said a reservation at a burger joint!) and prepared for the mess.

The restaurant has a vibe that is hard to place but came across more like a French Bistro than your standard short-order diner burger joint. The staff, although very, very friendly, weren’t all that attentive. Our server, who was very pleasant, passed our table no less than a dozen times while we had empty glasses or plates. But onto the meal!!

Onion rings – Great breading and interesting presentation but the onion inside was flavorless hot yet it tasted uncooked.
French Fries – crispy and well cooked but nothing special.
5 Napkin Brew “Nut Brown Ale” – DELICIOUS!! I suggest heavily
‘Smores Shake – rich and creamy

and for the star of the evening …
Original 5 Napkin Burger 10oz. fresh ground chuck, comte cheese, caramelized onions, rosemary aioli, soft white roll.
I have to say, it lived up to it’s name. It was greasy, full-flavored, cooked perfectly and was damn tasty. The bun held up well against the onslaught of grease, cheese and oils.

The burger is served with a steak knife and out defiance, I refused to cut the burger and it’s the same obstinate attitude that kept me from using more than 1 napkin. Although honestly, both items are recommended.

8 out 10 ounces

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3 Responses to 5 Napkin Burger – A 1 Napkin Victory

  1. Tim Tats says:

    The food looks really good here. The burger looks extremely tasty, and it seems as though it can help you get that ring off your finger with all that grease! Looking forward to the next “BC”

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