Sassy’s Sliders

Sassy’s Sliders
1530 3rd Avenue
New York, NY 10028

A vegetarian friend told me about this place although that isn’t what made me curious, it was the fact that they served veggie sliders. That’s dedication to an art if you’re asking me. I’ve never seen a slider that wasn’t beef, although that’s the way I like ’em! So when I happened to be in the neighborhood, I made the stop.

I almost didn’t make it through the door. Why? Look what is next door…Burger Heaven! Wow. Tasty beef bites or a juicy man sized burger amongst the angels. How can one decide? Being a committing type personality, I stuck with Sassy’s.

They have 5 different kinds of sliders including beef, turkey, veggie and chicken parmesan and bbq chicken. They also have 4 kinds of fries; regular, sweet, garlic and cajun. Got love a wide variety of an already limited choice!

$8.09 later I was equipped with 2 beef, 1 turkey and 1 chicken parmesan along with garlic fries and a soda. Really can’t beat the price. The staff was friendly, the food was quick and the place was clean. Sassy’s was set for a home run.

I’m sorry to say though, the burgers we’re somewhat dry and bland, the buns we’re too dry, powdered garlic mix was too salty and overall, novelty at best. But if that’s why you eat em, this s your spot.

Sassy’s tried to steal a base and slid right into getting tagged out.

4 out of 10 ounces

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  1. Tim Tats says:

    Wow, Rev making a baseball reference. I’m impressed… you’re reviews are good as well!

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