Kuma’s Corner – Death to False Burgers

Kuma’s Corner
2900 W. Belmont Ave.
Chicago, IL 60618

If I had a nickel for every time someone asked me if have been to Kuma’s Corner in Chicago, I would have enough money to buy the damn place. So the first time I end up in Chicago since we started BC.com, you can bet your (metal up your) ass, I made sure a visit took place. Named after an Akita, this burger spot was made for every red meat eating metal head on the planet. With every burger, including monthly specials, named after credible heavy metal bands (Iron Maiden, Mastodon, Yob, Melvins, Metallica, etc), its a place that deserves a theme song written my Manowar.

We walked in to the sound of Obituary playing over the stereo, which unto itself rules, but then I noticed to bar taps marked “Woodford Reserve” and “Jack Daniels” and I actually couldn’t believe what was happening. Scotch, whisky on tap? Death Metal on the stereo? Burgers, craft beers, skate boards, guitars, mac and cheese, home made potato chips … had I died and gone to heaven? Did I walk into the lunch room from Hell? Was this the true Vikings Valhalla? SEEK AND DESTROY!!!

I was about to find out, but only if I could stop shaking (not a joke.)

After being seated at 3 different places (a party of 9 is impossible to seat at Kuma’s), we were handed a beer and a food menu. Brittany, our AMAZING server, immediately came over and asked what we wanted to drink. As I sipped from my draft Woodford Reserve on rocks (c’mon! How could I say no to that?), I realized my heart was racing and my mind was doing flip-flops. Brittany asked again and I replied “can I please have a moment to calm down?” and I took a huge breath.
Then I noticed they carried beers from my favorite brewery ever, Bell’s of Michigan.

Start your engines.

After placing an order for the Pig Destroyer waffle fries (covered in BBQ sauce, pulled pork and cheese) as well as the “Make Your Own Mac & Cheese” with bacon and chicken, it was onto the moment of truth. As I perused the menu, I realized just how serious Kuma’s takes their burger, when I read this: “
*All Burgers Served On A Pretzel Roll.*” Oh man, this was going to be life changing. I went with the Black Sabbath, a true original covered in Blackening Spice, Chili, Pepper Jack and Red Onion, cooked medium rare, even though I wish I could’ve said “Blood Mountain please”

The burgers arrived and I spared no moment of time before I shoved the Birmingham, England prodigal songs inspired beef touchdown into my mouth. Wow. Holy shit. Amazing. It was as no different than the first time I heard “War Pigs” by the band of the same name, save this time, it wasn’t my mind that was blown, it was my taste buds. With every bite, my taste buds found a new and interesting reason to get lost in the doom. Simply amazing.

And the Mac & Cheese and the Fries – both unreal. The selection of micro brews was so fantastic that I asked Brittany if I could just play Russian Roulette. Beer after beer, neither Kuma’s nor Brittany, never disappointed.

Top to bottom, Kuma’s fucking rules. You can read through the site and you’ll see, we don’t normally curse, so please understand, these words are being used to emphasize a point…it doesn’t matter if you like burgers, micro brews or metal, Kuma’s is one of the most unique, creative and exciting burger joints on the planet.

2900 – The Number of the Burger. Death to false burgers. Horns up. \m/

9 out of 10 ounces
– Rev

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4 Responses to Kuma’s Corner – Death to False Burgers

  1. Kate says:

    I concur.
    We arrived late and sat at the bar – which usually bums me out – but in this case – the Mac & Cheese buffet accompanied by a cold PBR (or four) completely made my day.

    Our mac and cheese (with bacon, andouille, sweet corn, peas and caramelized onions) is currently reheating for dinner.

    I got the Yob – with gouda, roasted red peppers and bacon, and could not have been happier.

    Generally I dont like to wait at restaurants or in crowds – I will just bail and find another place – but the 45 min wait for a table or open seat at the bar is 100% worth it. No question.

    Well written review Rev.

    I however, would have given it 10 out of 10, but thats just me.

  2. Perfection on a bun. Nothing more to add to this review. Nice work man.

  3. Dave says:

    you are making me want to go on tour again just so I can go here.

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