The Ultimate Burger – Scotts, Canadians, Americans and Brits, oh my!

The Ultimate Burger
36-38 Glasshouse Street

Soho, London, W1B 5DL
United Kingdom

While on Adam and I were on our first trip to London since the inception of the Great Burger Conquest, our good pal Matt Ash suggested a Burger with a band we co-manage, the Cancer Bats. Realizing that Matt and some of the Bats are veggie, I asked Matt, as the local, to choose wisely. Enter, The Ultimate Burger, which honestly, could’ve been the name of this blog!

The Ultimate Burger serves prime Scottish, grass-fed beef. I am not sure what the U.S. equivalent would be, but sounded good enough to me. With quite a unique menu that includes aubergine (read: Eggplant), lamb and chicken burgers, it took a moment to decide. With all these crazy choices, I still went with a classic with monterey jack cheese cooked medium rare. While we waited for the burgers to arrive we all had a giggle over the tomato shaped ketchup dispenser.

Liam from the Cancer Bats showing off his aubergine burger.

After what seemed like an extra long wait, the food finally arrived. My Scottish grass-fed beef burger came medium well, which is always a negative in my book, but tasted pretty good. A little more of a zing than US beef.
I hate it when a restaurant goes to the effort to create a burger and then just lops it onto a standard white bun. Kudos to Ultimate Burger for using a sour dough sesame seed bun. The star of the meal, the garlic mayo, which came on the burger and was also used for dipping the “chips” (aka french fries.) All in all, not a bad burger but certainly not the “ultimate.”

6 out of 10 ounces
– Rev

The burgers were dope! The buns were dope! The Fries and onion rings were dope! And most of all the company was dope! What more could I ask for! To top it all off it was one of the four sunny days the UK gets a year, so everything was coming up Bats!
– Mikey Bats aka The Ice Trucker

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