University Place Gourmet – Bacon Sandwiches Cure Hangovers

University Place Gourmet

116 University Place
New York, NY 10003

Shake Shack
11 Madison Ave
New York, NY 10010

I was out with the new work mates last night and a few too many Bullet rocks. When the alarm went off this morning, so did the headache. It’s a story we all can tell. I’m in the shower trying to wash it off while listening to the Jim Kerr Rock and Roll Morning show on WAXQ – Q104.3, (who by the way I am told is a huge burger fan) when he starts to read a news story. “Bacon sandwich really does cure a hangover…” and I perk up. You gotta be kidding me right? Something about amino acids and etc etc. I pop up by browser and sure enough, as reported by The Telegraph, they’re claiming it to be true;

“Researchers claim food also speeds up the metabolism helping the body get rid of the booze more quickly.” NO WAY! YOU GOTTA BE JOKING ME. Somebody tell the Bacon Jew!

Readers of Burger Conquest know we claim the Shack Burger at Shake Shack to be our choice for hang over cures. That meant it was time for a challenge…


My co-workers claim the University Place Gourmet Deli is the best bacon sandwich in the neighborhood. We’re new here so we still trust them. I got a bacon, egg and cheese on whole wheat toast with salt, pepper, hot sauce and a little bit of ketchup. The bacon was just how I like it, not too crispy, not too rubbery, as my Dad used to say “justa, justa.” I ordered 2 eggs on the sandwich and in retrospect, I should’ve gotten only one as it over powered the sandwich. Just the right of American cheese made for a great salty combo with the bacon. The sandwich fell apart as I ate it but as you can see, 1 little piece of bacon fell out. I ate it last like it was dessert. Side note, the coffee here is fantastic.

Results: HANG OVER GONE. Since the Shack isn’t open at this time of day (I did walk by it this morning to make sure), I’ll go with University Place Gourmet Deli for the win. I still love you Shake Shack, but you’re going to have to share.

7 out of 10 sizzles

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