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Arctic Roadrunner Local Burgerman
5300 Old Seward Hwy
Anchorage, AK 99518

Before I go anywhere, I Google “best hamburger (insert city name)” and results for Anchorage seemed unanimous, Arctic Roadrunner Local Burgerman is reported to have the #1 burger in town. Located just South of the city center next to Campbell Creek, the Arctic Roadrunner has been slingin’ up burgers since 1964. It’s short-order counter service and cash only but it’s an award winning institution. Sparing no details in decorating the log cabin, you’ll find a tusk of a woolly mammoth, antlers, a fire place, pictures of famous patrons and all sorts of local oddities.

I was up here on tour with Shadows Fall who played 2 shows while in town with Family Tree Presents. We played a 21+ gig at the world famous Chilkoot Charlie’s and an all-ages show at Club Millenium. Both shows were fantastic and the fans were insane. Metal is alive and well in Alaska!

The Arctic Roadrunner offers some interesting choices like halibut and salmon burgers as well as toppings like fried bologna and green peppers. Me, I keep classic, burger with American cheese, lettuce and onions, however I did opt for the whole wheat bun. I also ordered the onion pieces, the Roadrunner’s hand made version of onion rings. Surprisingly for a short order style burger, it was not greasy at all and had a good flavor. The whole wheat bun was the call and although I ordered it without mayo, I didn’t hate on the small dollop that was placed on it. The onion pieces were pretty good although I wish they had a little more breading. Sitting outside by the river on a beautiful afternoon, I enjoyed everything about the local burgerman.

“Kodiak burger… bologna, ham, and salami all stacked on some sweet beef…. How can you go wrong!?!”
-Matt Bachand, Shadows Fall

“All I had was an uneventful grilled cheese and some greasy fries. Not much to say. ”
-Brian Fair, Shadows Fall

“Great bacon burger, great shakes!”
-Jason Bittner, Shadows Fall

7 out of 10 ounces

After our tasty burgers, our fantastic hosts, Sarah and Rick drove us an hour South-West to take a cruise to see the Portage Glacier. A part of the Churgach National Forest, the glacier sits just about one end of Portage Lake. After snapping a few photos from the visitors center, we hopped aboard the Ptarmigan cruise ship and headed out across the lake. It was a bright, sunny warm afternoon and as our tour guide Jesse proclaimed, “it doesn’t get any nicer.” We cruised around the fresh waters of Portage Lake, which actually supports no life, making it a dead lake, for about an hour. We got within 900 feet (approx 3 football fields) of Portage Glacier and snapped off tons of photos. Amazing to think that through playing heavy metal, we were seeing a such a special part of the Earth. Feeling blessed, we took it all in with smiles on our faces, excited to be doing something so cool.

10 out 10 experience!

MAJOR thank you’s to Sarah and Eric from Family Tree Presents for organizing, promoting and hauling our obnoxious asses all over Southern Alaska.

Big ups to Metal Sucks, Sal, Chris, Pat, Duran, Robinson, Brock, Clay, Mercy Should Hurt, Decepticide, all the local bands, bartenders, Jesse the tour guide and everyone else who made this trip so much fun!

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