Warped Tour at Nassau Coliseum in Uniondale, NY – The Rev’s Magic Burger Dust

Warped Tour 09
Nassau Coliseum
1255 Hempstead Turnpike
Uniondale, NY

For the last 15 years, the Vans Warped Tour has has spread its wings across the US bringing a mix of underground, breaking and A-list bands and entertainers. For thousands it marks a special day in the summer to hang out with friends, see some familiar and new music, buy some new clothes and express themselves in any way they see fit. For me (and many others), the Nassau Coliseum stop in Uniondale, NY is a reunion with friends and a great BBQ party. If there is one thing that founder Kevin Lyman does better than anyone else, it’s throw an amazing back stage or in the Warped Tour’s case, parking lot BBQ. Seeing as how the NY show already happens around my birthday, I like to pretend like it’s all in my honor. Truth be told, Kevin and the rest of his team; Sarah, Kate, Lisa and dozens of others, are ridiculously fun loving bunch who have a lot of friends and supporters.

In fact, when we arrived around 1:30, these were the first two things we saw;

What does this have to do with burgers!?!?!?

Not one to step on the toes of another man’s BBQ, I asked Kevin repeatedly, what did I need to bring and as always, he says “nothing.” I just can’t do that so instead of getting food or drink, I decided to whip up a batch of the “Rev’s Magic Burger Dust.” It’s my own secret concoction of herbs, spices and otherwise that with only a few sprinkles, turns any burger from “good” to “goddamnthisisanawesomefreakinburger!”

It’s quite complicated with more than a dozen different ingredients including all the regulars like crushed peppercorns, garlic, onion, salt and so forth as well as couple of secret weapons such as orange peel and ground coffee. It’s so pungent that even inside a double zip locked bag, you can smell it from far away. My plan was to sprinkle it on people’s food while hanging out in the VIP tent in between bands.

Thankfully burgers were on the menu in the VIP tent (along with foot long hot dogs, grilled lamb, pulled chicken and more.) Marc and I grabbed a couple of burgers and I dusted them like I was the Johnny Appleseed of Burgers. We bit in. Damn, them were some good burgers, of course courtesy of the Magic Burger Dust. They were even cooked with still a little pink and red in the middle. The guys on the ‘cue knew what they were doing.

After watching several us dust up our burgers, the chefs came over to investigate what was going on. I let them try the Magic Burger Dust and they asked if they could have some for their own stash. Who am I to say no? That’s when the curiosity kicked in. Everyone wanted to know what I was carrying around.

I would love to tell you that Lil’ Jon was chomping them grills down on my Magic Burger Dust, but he was eating chicken. However, I was able to catch him in a rare moment with Joe from Patent Pending.

I asked Kevin if he had some burgers we could dust up on the grill but Kevin only had chicken and ribs…234 LBS of ribs and chicken that is!!!! Hmm, perhaps the Magic Burger Dust could be used as a rub for the ribs. Adam, Leo and I checked Kevin’s Pabst smoker to see if it would work.

YUP. Once Mr. Kaves from The Lordz and Kevin both approved, the rubbing began. (That’s what she said.) I covered as many ribs as I could and then Kevin do his thing.

While Kevin was smoking, rubbing and grilling out in the parking lot I headed into the venue to watch some bands. I mean this is a concert first and a BBQ party second.

Down With Webster


Monty Are I


A Day To Remember



Once the sun came down and the show came to a close, it was time to suit up in our costumes for today’s theme; “Vato-Pirate High School Prom Party” AKA “ElYarrr!!” Having once been a Cub Scout, I always come prepared. The bandanas came out and the parrrrty began!

With much celebration with dancing, drinking and eating, people lined up by the hundreds to get a taste of the Magic Burger Dusted Ribs and Kevin’s amazing grilling skills. I won’t lie, they awesome and really spicy. I forgot to find out what Kevin used for BBQ sauce but it made for quite the combo with the Magic Burger Dust.

And of course once all the ribs and chicken had been devoured, guess what showed up on the grill?!?!?

Big thanks to Kevin, Sarah, Kate, Lisa, Devin and everyone else who partied, danced, moshed, played and hung. It was an awesome day.

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