Jimbo’s Burger Palace – Harlem Burger Mystery Solved!

Jimbo’s Burger Palace
703 Lenox Ave
New York, NY 10039

Outside of burgers, I also love bicycling. It’s a great way to see the world and a great form of exercise, especially when you eat as many burgers as I do! I often ride my bike through Harlem as the streets are less busy, especially in the morning and its an area of NYC rich with interesting history and location. On many a bike ride, I have noticed several locations of a chain, exclusive to Harlem, called “Jimbo’s Burger Palace.” After a serious amount of Google searches and questioning our friends at A Hamburger Today, Burger of the Month Club, Hamburger America, the Feed Bag and more, we came up with no info. So while crossing the 145th Street bridge on a 17 mile bike ride this morning, I saw the 703 Lennox Ave location and decided to investigate.

Jimbo’s for all intense purposes is a short order grill / greasy spoon serving up advanced bodega food. A few tables, a very popular counter and a flat top grill make up the joint. Removing my helmet, I looked up at the menu and the words “Egg Cheese Burger” confirmed I had made the right choice. The chef whipped out a fresh 7oz patty and began to fry it along with some onions and an egg. A few moments later he handed me this little beauty with a melted slice of American cheese and shredded lettuce. Expecting nothing more than a greasy counter burger, I was surprised to bite into what turned out to be a tasty breakfast and not nearly as greasy as I expected. The fried egg and onions definitely made the difference on this classic style thin patty cheese burger.

7 out of 10 ounces

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2 Responses to Jimbo’s Burger Palace – Harlem Burger Mystery Solved!

  1. Hamburger America says:

    Nice job! I wish that burger photo was more in focus…

  2. Unfortunately all I had on me was my blackberry so the photos are not perfect but it is what it is. You are just going to have to trust my taste buds.

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