Piper’s Kilt – There’s an Eastchester? Yes, it’s just East of Westchester.

Piper’s Kilt
433 White Plains Rd
Eastchester, NY 10709

You start up a burger blog and everyone suddenly wants you to try their favorite burger or the “best one” they’ve ever had. Sometimes people have bad taste and others, pretty good. Thankfully our friends Brian and Angela fall in the latter category. For months now they’ve demanded we come North of Manhattan and try the Piper’s Kilt in Eastchester. One of 3 Piper’s Kilts (the others are in Inwood and The Bronx), this is the one most talked about. The menu has traditional Irish pub food but this place is known for its “Eastchester Burger” (you can get at any location) with bacon, cheese, onion rings, French fries, lettuce, tomato, and a side of chili. This Irish Pub is quite popular! Expect at least a 30 minute wait for a table while passing some time at the bar.

Brian, knowing I am a HUGE hot wing fan, suggested we start with an order of the boneless and regular hot wings. Both were quite tasty with a deep smoky but not too hot sauce. Angela and I ordered the “Cheddar Burger” (Cara and Brian ordered the “Eastchester”.) I almost skipped the photos because this sucker was making my mouth water! Toasted bun, a heaping mound of cheddar cheese, a juicy hunk of ground beef and well done and crispy french fries (the only way!) The bun was perfectly toasted and the cheddar, oh man, the cheddar!! It was like a thick cheese sauce and was so rich with flavor, I just had to turn it upside down! I removed the bun and took the liberty of dipping a few fries before continuing. The patty was juicy but not greasy and had a full hearty beef flavor. The whole thing came together to make a damn fine sandwich. I tried a dip of the chili, which was REALLY good but I just didn’t think the burger needed it. Maybe if I ate here all the time and with a mere 35 minute train ride from Grand Central, I might just become a regular!

8 out of 10 ounces

P.S. How can a “Manhattan Burger” have Canadian Bacon?

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5 Responses to Piper’s Kilt – There’s an Eastchester? Yes, it’s just East of Westchester.

  1. Mike says:

    Glad you made the trip! I grew up in Eastchester and have been eating at the Kilt since I was a little kid – now, every time I'm back in NY, whether it's for business or to see the family (my parents live 5 minutes from the restaurant), I stop by.

  2. Brian says:

    Glad you and cara were able to make the trip and join us. As for food, what can say, its been my go to spot for over 20yrs and has never failed to deliver a great burger and good atmosphere. Now you have to jump on the 1 and take the 25 min trip to the Kilt on 238th. Always be happy to meet you for another Kilt conquest

  3. Cara says:

    The wings were delicious — smoky and full of flavor. The fries that came with my burger were amazing, however they give you so much I could barely make a dent in them.
    Now, on to the burger: I loved my Eastchester burger. The meat was flavorful, the bacon was delicious and the chili was so savory — just the right mix of spic that gets cooled with the beans and the meat. YUM.

  4. Andrew says:

    Eastchester is a town in south-central Westchester County. It’s east of Yonkers.
    And yeah the Kilt has the best burgers anywhere that I know of.

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