The Burger Joint – I Fought The Law and the Burger Won

The Burger Joint
118 W 57th Street
New York, NY 10019

The last time we hit up The Burger Joint in NYC’s fancy Parker Meridien Hotel, the line was an excruciating 60 minute wait. So when my business partners in One Barrel Bar, Marc and Rob, suggested we stop in for one, I was hesitant. Not only had I promised myself no burgers today (I’m weak) but I also said there was no way I was waiting in line. As we walked up and only saw 3 people in line, I knew I was moments away from a tasty burger.

*By the time we were eating, there was 20 some people in line. Word of advice; get there before Noon!

The sign says it all, know what you want and know what you want before you get to the register. It’s a simple menu and a simple burger so no need to over think. Cheese burger cooked medium rare with onions, lettuce and mustard. It’s a damn good burger and certainly has earned the hype and adoration it has garnered. I love the attitude, I love the simplicity, I love the white paper wrap and I love The Burger Joint. The fact that it’s located across the street from our lawyer’s offices – VERY DANGEROUS!

8 out of 10 ounces

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  1. Padre says:

    Thanks for coming by and seeing us again, glad you enjoyed your burgers!

    The burger joint team

    PS hope your lawyers call meeting often in their offices.

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