Thunder Jackson’s – Get Dirty!

Thunder Jackson’s
169 Bleecker
New York, NY 10018

Ever since I met Kyle from Thunder Jackon’s at Wing-Off 8, I knew we were meant to be the Will Ferrel and John C. Reilly of wings and burgers. On top of part owning TJ’s, he is also a partner in Point Break and the man behind Chicken Wing Aficionado. So when he told me I had to come by and try their trademarked “Dirty Burger,” I knew he wasn’t here to mess around.

Three different times I tried to stop by and have the “Dirty Burger” but Kyle demanded that I only come in on a day when creator and chef Ian Russo was going to be on duty. Ian was the man behind the now defunct but highly rated, foodie fave, Ian Restaurant, known for small plates and the “Dirty Drunken Ribeye.” Ian closed the place and took his skills to the “Urban Roadhouse” Thunder Jackson’s, where you can now order “dirty” burgers and fries. It’s a perfect mix of foodie bar eats and a frat party complete with Das Boot, skiing shots and an electronic punching bag.

Jackie and I booked in a weekday lunch and headed down to meet Kyle and Ian. Before ordering, Ian came out and told us the story behind the famous “Dirty Burger”. All it did was make me hungrier!! As much I love to choose how I get order my burger, I also have a deep appreciation for a restaurant that only serves it one way. If you believe in something, I say stand behind it. The “Dirty Burger”comes one way, like it or not and no matter how close you are with Kyle or Ian, they won’t tell you how it’s made.

The burger comes wrapped in news paper and with the house ketchup (sweet and almost spicy like BBQ sauce), a delicious truffle mayo and an order of “Dirty Fries.” First bite and your taste buds and tongue are confused. The bun is soft and juicy (it’s steamed), just like the burger and the whole thing melts like butter in your mouth. Then you take a 2nd bite and all you can taste is the sweetness of the sauce. There is no cheese, no lettuce, no onions, or any other vegetable, just a combo of spices and spreads. Truly a unique sandwich, the “dirty burger” is sweet but savory and it’s softer than a pillow. I have never had anything quite like it.

8 out of 10 ounces

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6 Responses to Thunder Jackson’s – Get Dirty!

  1. Jackie says:

    This review pretty much nails it. I would say its very much a savory burger with the spices and sweetens and how the flavors work together. Makes for a very different burger experience. Its more about the flavors all working together than the burger itself. With the soft melt in your mouth texture this was a flavor explosion. A nice yummy surprise.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I AGREE! My husband and I ate 2 of them. The best burger I have ever had, hell we'll go to NYC just for it. Does anyone know how we can ship them?

  3. Anonymous says:

    I just had my 1st dirty burger yesterday and I'm tempted to head from the Bronx back down to the village to have another today. When I finished eating it I sat there saying I wanted another not because I was hungry but I just wanted to experience that again… YUM!

  4. Buy Kamagra says:

    OK that's is disgusting, beside how can thhat guy called to that a burger, only bread and meat, by the way taking the chance I wanna ask you something, it's true that the real name is burger and only can be called hambuerger if come with ham?

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