Royale – Upon A Burning Burger

157 Avenue C
New York, NY 10009

It’s been nearly a year since Royale, in New York’s East Village┬ámade it into the Burger Conquest ‘TOP 5 IN NYC” list. So when the band we manage, Upon A Burning Body came into town from San Antonio, TX to record their new album with Will Putney at the Machine Shop, it made for a great excuse to go back for another “Royale With Cheese.” So we grabbed Danny the singer and Sal, one of the guitarists and headed over. Royale simply put is a just a “neighborhood bar” that serves great burgers. You can sit in the bar, at the bar or out in the garden at one of their many picnic tables. The garden is covered and heated so it’s open all year round.


You can get the regular Royale (no cheese) , Royale With Cheese or a Bacon Royale (cheese and bacon) and no matter which you choose, you can’t go wrong. Me, I went Royale with American Cheese, cooked medium-rare. One bite confirmed, the Royale with Cheese is DARN TOOTIN! It’s juicy, has the right amount of beefy-saltiness and comes on fantastic sesame seed bun. The fries are pretty good but the onion rings are the side of choice.

“The burger was nothing short of amazing! Cooked just perfect it most def hit the spot! Cant wait for another!”
-Danny Leal, Upon A Burning Body

“It was a tasty burger!”
– Sal Dominguez III, Upon A Burning Body

8 out of 10 ounces

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