Burgermeester – A Hamburger Today’s Burger Conquest 1st Anniversay Present

On Friday, October 16th, 5 friends went out for a burger at Arthur’s Steakhouse in Hoboken, NJ. On that day, Burger Conquest was born. 365 days later, we are celebrating our first “Burgerthday!” The rest is burger history.

365 days
136 blog posts
137 Burgers eaten by Rev
4 Wing-Offs
10 trips to baseball parks
2 burgers thrown away
0 “10 out of 10 ounces”

How did we celebrate our 1st Burgerthday? With a guest blog about Amsterdam’s Burgermeester on A Hamburger Today!

Click here for the review:

I can’t tell you how honored I am to have such great support from what I consider to be the the Ark of the Covenant for burgers. You guys have been like a big burger brother to our site and I know I speak for all the Burger Conquesters, when I extend a big pillowy bun of thanks.

Thank you to the dozens of friends and bands who have eaten burgers with me around the globe. A big beefy high-five my NYC based burger buddies in Team Burger. A flat-top griddled cheers to Patrick Moroney for designing the Burger Conquest logo. Lastly, to the love of my life, Cara, thank you for sitting through countless hours of eating and blogging.

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