Coral World Shark Bar – Iguanas Like Burgers Too!

The Shark Bar at Coral World
6450 Estate Smith Bay
St. Thomas, USVI 00802

Burgers in St. Thomas – Part 3

Part 1 – Fat Turtle
Part 2 – Eat Like a Pirate at The Shipwreck Tavern

As part of my brother Matt and new sister-in-law, Gina’s wedding, they took everyone who came down to St. Thomas for an afternoon at Coral World. Located at the end of the Coki Peninsula, Coral World is an Ocean Park that offers snorkeling, SNUBA, swimming with turtles, shark feedings, underwater reef observatory and my favorite part a sea lion encounter!!! My Mom, 2 of her friends and my wife Cara all took the opportunity to swim with, train, play with and learn about sea lions. It was one of the most awesome things I have ever done. These South American born mammals were extremely friendly, fun and well trained. Weighing in at more than 400 pounds, I was surprised to find out just how gentle of creatures they are.

After we our encounter with the seal lions, we joined back up with the rest of the wedding attendees at the Shark Bar in Coral world, where Matt and Gina paid for everyone to have lunch. Guess what I got?

I’ll be honest, the point of this post really isn’t about the burger, it’s an excuse to talk about swimming with sea lions. However, I am loyal to our readers so I willing ate a frozen patty burger cooked on George Foreman like grill just so I could share this great experience with you. For a store-bought, pre-made, frozen patty, this burger was actually decent. The sesame seed bun it was served on was soft and good. The patty was neither bland nor flavorless but more so was salty and tasted of a decent quality of beef. I wasn’t able to find out which frozen burger company they were serving but I didn’t care. Why? I GOT TO SWIM WITH SEA LIONS!

The fries? Also frozen but pretty bland. However, the onion straws (rings) were crispy and delicious.

What’s more fun? As soon as the burgers showed up, these iguanas surrounded the table as if they were the family dog begging for scraps. I couldn’t believe just how unafraid these things were. One even crawled up on top of one of our towels. There are strict rules (and signs everywhere) that do not allow visitors to feed these reptiles but either people have been breaking the rules or these things are underfed.

Either way, as the 1313th photo on this site, this picture of iguanas starring at my burger is easily the most fun picture I have ever posted.

Burger_Conquest_Coral_World_Shark_bar_St_Thomas_Matt_and_Ginas_Wedding_181_lizardsBurger_Conquest_Coral_World_Shark_bar_St_Thomas_Matt_and_Ginas_Wedding_1856 out of 10 ounces


Activities at Coral World    Burger_Conquest_Coral_World_Shark_bar_St_Thomas_Matt_and_Ginas_Wedding_141Burger_Conquest_Coral_World_Shark_bar_St_Thomas_Matt_and_Ginas_Wedding_020Burger_Conquest_Coral_World_Shark_bar_St_Thomas_Matt_and_Ginas_Wedding_172_rev_kissed_by_seal Burger_Conquest_Coral_World_Shark_bar_St_Thomas_Matt_and_Ginas_Wedding_160Burger_Conquest_Coral_World_Shark_bar_St_Thomas_Matt_and_Ginas_Wedding_188Burger_Conquest_Coral_World_Shark_bar_St_Thomas_Matt_and_Ginas_Wedding_201_turtleBurger_Conquest_Coral_World_Shark_bar_St_Thomas_Matt_and_Ginas_Wedding_209Burger_Conquest_Coral_World_Shark_bar_St_Thomas_Matt_and_Ginas_Wedding_216Burger_Conquest_Coral_World_Shark_bar_St_Thomas_Matt_and_Ginas_Wedding_211

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