St Luke’s Roosevelt Hospital – Just What the Doctor Ordered

St Luke’s Roosevelt Hospital
1000 10th Ave
New York, NY 10019-1192

Over the weekend, my wife and I saved our cat, Kc, from fighting with a dog. This cat is the most docile, friendly, snugly, kind, non-violent cat ever. Kc has never bitten or scratched anyone and he had to have been truly frightened and threatened to mistakenly attack us.

I checked into the emergency room to have my wounds looked at and unfortunately the punctures has become swollen and severely infected. The situation was so bad in fact, that the hospital wanted to admit me immediately to keep me under 24 hour watch and several infusions of IV antibiotics a day. I wont go into details about the wounds, infection or procedures here but you can check out the photos on facebook if you’re curious.

On my 3rd day in the hospital, guess what magically showed up on my lunch tray!??!?!

There would be nothing more random and awesome than a delicious, gourmet-style burger review to come out of this situation. But we should be honest, this is hospital food, not a Hollywood film. It was an over cooked frozen patty on a white bun with a slice of mass produced American cheese that by the time it got to me was room temperature at best.

What I will tell you is that the burger was not supposed to come with cheese or mustard, but I requested and they delivered. The veggies and potatoes were the same temperature and bland in flavor. The chicken noodle soup on the other hand was pretty good. Thick, rich, loaded with ingredients and not too salty. Maybe Mom was right about eating chicken soup when you’re illin’?!?!?

The really fun part of the story happened with the menu. Printed in bold, right at the bottom, were the words “the food served to you has been specially chosen by your doctor to suit your medical needs.” Yeah doc! That’s right, my needs require burgers and I say bless your Hippocratic Oath and all of it’s highly held values for doing what was right for me.

Roosevelt_Hospital_NYC_burger_conquest_rev_ciancio_ 113009 014
3 out of 10 ounces

Roosevelt_Hospital_NYC_burger_conquest_rev_ciancio_ 113009 009Roosevelt_Hospital_NYC_burger_conquest_rev_ciancio_ 113009 010Roosevelt_Hospital_NYC_burger_conquest_rev_ciancio_ 113009 011Roosevelt_Hospital_NYC_burger_conquest_rev_ciancio_ 113009 007 Roosevelt_Hospital_NYC_burger_conquest_rev_ciancio_ 113009 006 Roosevelt_Hospital_NYC_burger_conquest_rev_ciancio_ 113009 003

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3 Responses to St Luke’s Roosevelt Hospital – Just What the Doctor Ordered

  1. Kyle says:

    Ha! You got a burger to enter, plus they got you a Gueggenheim! Even after 2 hand surgeries I never got one of those…… you're so lucky.

  2. Karl says:

    I've never been more enthralled by one man's lunch

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