8 oz. Burger Bar – It’s All In The Name

8 oz. Burger Bar
7661 Melrose Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 9004

Among many of the great burgers that the town of Los Angeles can claim, the 8 oz. Burger Bar is often listed by many as a favorite. As I have been on a tear to eat them all of late, when asked by my fellow co-worker Johnny “Sheetrock” G. if I wanted to grab a burger for lunch, I seized the opportunity. Thankfully I have been able to spend a lot of time on the West Coast for work of late and these opportunities seem to keep coming up.

With 2 locations in both Miami and LA, the 8 oz. Burger Bar claims a signature burger made out of “humane raised, hormone-free Black Angus sirloin, short rib and chuck.” The grass-fed beef is ground in house as well as aged in a “Himalayan salt-tiled meat locker,” right in the restaurant. The menu is laden with choices from turkey to veggie patties, all kinds of sauces and more home made toppings than a mother’s kitchen. It’s the same kind of attention to details that puts men into space. Even the drink mixers are made from natural and organic substances! So plop yourself down in a seat in the bright and airy dining room, located in the Melrose section of West Hollywood and select a micro-brew or cocktail to sip on while you focus on choosing your toppings.

I decided to dive into the signature burger with a few Dr. Frankenstein like alterations.. Aside of the interesting beef house blend, the Signature burger comes with iceberg, pickle, tomato, white onion, 8 oz. special sauce. I nixed the tomatoes and pickles, adding an over-medium egg and the one cheese whose interesting taste is match only by its interesting name, Humboldt fog. It’s made from goat’s milk while it’s name comes from the region and weather condition under which it’s created. Johnny G., a little excited, threw in an order of Kennebec (a type of gourmet potato) fries, Truffled potato skins and Buffalo Drumettes (AKA Hot Wings). Both the fries and the wings were good the but the potato skins are a must when dining here. The rich flavors will blow your mind.

In a word, this burger was succulent. The delicately balanced meat blend, the sweet sharpness of the cheese, the saltiness of the egg and the hearty bun came together to create a little gourmet burger dance in my mouth. When I say this was cooked perfectly, I am including in that the over-medium egg which upon first bite, had a yolk explosion onto the innards of the sandwich. It was damn good and damn messy too. Everything you could like about a burger but done with a little more class, a little more care and a little more taste.

8 out of 10 ounces
-Rev Ciancio

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