Stout – An Able-Bodied Sandwich By Any Other Name

1544 North Cahuenga Boulevard
Hollywood, CA 90028

The battle for the best burger in LA rages on and its latest contest, Stout. Many have compared this mini-gastropub to the very popular Umami Burger. The big difference here over the local competition is the drinks. Stout offers up a unique list of micro-brews from around the world and you’ll even find suggested pairings on the menu.

Stout is dimly, covered in wood and has very few seats so don’t come here looking for an intimate dinner or a big party. It’s about having a a gourmet burger with a specialty beer.

While I had not planned on trying Stout on this trip to LA, I was meeting friends in the area and had time to kill. Idle stomach’s are the burger devil’s workshop.

With toppings like emi gruyere, crisp parmasiano, grilled blood orange, fig chutney and tzatziki I found myself lost in the menu. Was I reading a hipster’s blog or were these actually the toppings? An important lesson I learned in college suddenly came rushing back to me – “if one falls in too deep, pull, pull out.” I took a breath and ordered the signature Stout Burger; “Blue cheese, emi gruyere, rosemary bacon, caramelized onion & horseradish cream.” As for the paring, instead of the suggested standard IPA, I ordered an Afflligem Blond. It’s a strong Belgian Abbey Ale in the IPA family.

The burger arrived shortly there after and although I had literally just left dinner, I was slightly disappointed with it’s smaller size. My friend’s Tom and Amanda really blew this burger up to me so I was pretty anxious to bite it. The toppings alone made for a culinary whirling dervish of flavors. Even the bun was fantastic. I had to ask what it was. My guess, croissant or pretzel roll but was never told more than “it’s egg based.” Unfortunately, the delicious grilled cheese of wonder and amazement was brought down by the beef. It was certainly fresh hand pattied beef but the flavor just wasn’t there. It was more greasy than juicy and more salty than savory. For a burger, it was above average but had this been a gourmet grilled cheese, it would be highly rated as such.

7 out of 10 ounces
-Rev Ciancio

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