Brother Jimmy’s BBQ – Will The Real Super Bowl Please Sip Up?

Brother Jimmy’s BBQ
1485 2nd Ave
New York, NY 10075-2001

I can’t proclaim to being much of a football fan. I guess that’s what growing up in Detroit as a Lion’s fan does to you. But I do like beer, hot wings and hanging out with my friends so to me, that is what the Super Bowl is all about. With the power of Burger Conquest and the NYC Wing-Off at my finger tips, I organized a super bowl party with our very accommodating friends at Brother Jimmy’s BBQ, Upper East Side location.

We wasted no time and began to order food the moment we sat. Our long eating game is amazing as it continued all the way through to the end of the game. If I remember correctly, here is the complete list of our destruction:

1 order of Hush Puppies with Maple Butter
1 Bucket O’ Hot Wings
1 order of Nachos Grande
1 order of Original Chicken Fingers
1 order of Spinach and Artichoke Dip
1 order of Fried Green Tomatoes
1 single order of Hot Wings
1 order of Frickles
1 side of Macaroni and Cheese
1 order of Popcorn Shrimp
1 order of home made Jalapeno Poppers
1 Carolina Pulled Chicken Sandwich with a side of Macaroni and Cheese
2 orders of Fire Fries
1 House Salad (Ed note: Where did this come from!?!?)
2 orders of BBQ Marbled Brisket with 2 sides of Macaroni and Cheese, 1 side of Biscuits and Gravy and 1 Corn on the Cob
1 Bucket O’ of Rib Tips
1 Bucket O’ Chipotle Hot Wings
1 order of Candied Yams with Walnuts

The Brisket, Hot Wings and Poppers were my faves of the bunch. The big winner though was the Brother Jimmy’s house hot sauce. Made primarily of carrots and habaneros, this spicy and tangy little friend eventually got poured on everything. I can’t believe they don’t sell it. That’s almost like promoting the thievery of a bottle (WINK WINK.) For a full review of Brother Jimmy’s wings, check out the results from NYC Wing-Off 10.

Along with the gridiron, the wings, the halftime show and the commercials, comes the drinking. Despite it being a Sunday night, we laid some serious waste to our bar tab.

53 Beers
11 Shots
6 Glasses of Wine
4 Carolina Coolers (Vodka, Lemonade & Blue Curacao)
2 Ciders
1 Pitcher of Sangria



These massive fishbowls are filled with ice, juice, some mystery liquors, lots of straws and a rubber alligator. I guess you could sip them if you wanted to but they are way more fun when you slam or race them. So get 2 (or 3 or 4, etc) and split your group into equal teams. Insert straw into mouth and as soon as someone yells “DRINK” you start sucking. The faster you go, the less likely you will suffer from brain freeze. Instead, you’ll just suffer from wounded brain cells!!

Thanks to Jon, Melissa, all at Brother Jimmy’s and especially Amy for the great time and great service. Also, thank you for the 2 complimentary Swamp Bowls! Free booze is a quick way to our hearts and brains.

After the game was over a few of us wanted to still hang out so we headed to another bar up the street. While engaged in a serious beer pong tournament, who rolls into the bar? Ed Westwick AKA Chuck Bass from Gossip Girl! Ed joined us for some beer bong and was an all around funny out going guy and good sport. Not at all like that jerk Chuck Bass!!

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6 Responses to Brother Jimmy’s BBQ – Will The Real Super Bowl Please Sip Up?

  1. Stabitha says:

    HA! This was so much fun, even though my Colts choked. The wings were okay, co-signing your comments on their hot sauce (nice and vinegary, just how I like it), and the brisket was mindblowing, but the bourbon was even better.

    Comment of the night was courtesy of Cara regarding the Swamp Water: "This tastes like pineapples and date rape." Truer words were never spoken. And it was delicious.

    Part of me would like to see what would happen if Brother Jimmy's served bourbon bloody marys featuring their delicious BBQ sauce. Pickle garnish.

  2. Dawn says:

    We had an awesome time, and those swamp drinks were dangerously good!

    Also, since Dave is obviously more of a meat guy than a fish guy, I have to give a special shout-out to the popcorn shrimp. The batter on those things was amazing and completely addicting. Yum! (P.S. The house salad was mine. I know, I know.)

    My only complaint? I somehow missed the group picture. I'll totally ham it up during the next one to make up for that! 🙂

  3. PJ McCarthy says:

    The food here is quite good. I had the pulled chicken sandwich with some of the House BBQ sauce and it was very tasty. I also had my first frosty cold PBR beer here and I am a buyer of more. The Swamp water tasted great and was not one of those sweet girlie drinks you get served at lesser places.

  4. Adam says:

    Looks great!

  5. Rev, been meaning to ask this for a long time. Frequently in your group shots, okay all the time, you are giving a hand gesture that appears to be you holding an invisible burger. Just checkin to see if I'm close.

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