Rare Bar & Grill – NYC Ballet, the NYC MoMA and now the NY Strip Burger

Rare Bar & Grill
152 West 26th Street
New York, NY 10001
(Inside Fashion 26, a Wyndham Hotel)

While apartment searching in Manhattan, my wife Cara and I happened upon the brand new location of Rare Bar and Grill in the Fashion 26 hotel in Chelsea. Exciting memories from my first visit to Rare Bar and Grill (click link to learn more about the restaurant and read the review.) popped into my head. Although we didn’t immediately pay them a visit, the idea became lodged in the back of my head. 3 weeks later we were in the area furniture shopping and the idea became a reality. Cara and I stopped in on a Saturday afternoon and took a seat at the bar.

With a list or burger choices nearly a mile long, I had a real difficult time wrestling with a choice. I finally zoned in a New York Strip burger from the Steakhouse Burger list. The patty, just as it’s named, is made from a cut of Strip steak. It’s topped with Roquefort cheese, double smoked slab bacon and grilled red onions and it’s a work of art deserving of an exhibit in the MoMA. If burgers were measured by size, this would not be small, medium or large, this would classified under “monster sized.” I could barely wrap my burger mits around the sandwich. The salty thick cut bacon mixed with creamy Roquefort and sweet onions perform their own version of the New York City Ballet a top the patty. The freshly ground beef is cut from a fresh, high quality cut of a New York Strip steak and it is absolutely fantastic. This juicy, stack of taste bud happiness is one pub style burger not to be reckoned with. Be sure to order the French Fry Tasting Basket along with your burgers. The fries are good but it’s all about the four sauces that are served along with it!

8 out of 10 ounces

Check out Cara’s food porn pictures. She’s a big fan of the digital macro setting on the camera.

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