12 Days of Burgers – The Best Burger Conquests of 2010

When I think back of all the amazing things that happened on my Glorious Pursuit of Delicious Burgers, I almost seems like a dream. Of course it’s a juicy, delicious, cheese covered, medium-rare dream served between two pieces of bread that is sometimes topped with bacon. I made a decision at the end of 2009 that I would make this site mean more than just a catalog of burgers It has been an unbelievable 163 hamburger journey that started with Man V. Food’s Adam Richman starting a twitter fight with me over all of you RT my @BurgerConquest twitter requests to get a burger with him and has ended with more promise than I thought possible.

At the end of 2010, THE BURGER COUNTQUEST is at 319 Burgers.

So, in the tradition of “12 Days of Christmas” I give you the final tally in my “12 Days of Burgers,” the 12 best Burger Conquests of 2010.

12. What to do when there’s a blizzard in NYC? Eat burgers outside wearing Hawaiian shirts at the Shake Shack.

11.  A 260 mile drive in Connecticut, 147 years in the past just to eat a burger, pizza and see some crazy Roadside America and a continuation of road tripping with the sole purpose of eating; Five Guys Burgers and Fries, Shady Glen Dairy Stores & Frank Pepe Pizzeria Napoletana – Hot Grub Time Machine.

10. The most stressful and difficult way to throw a birthday party for more than 10,000 people, Warped Tour 2010 at Nassau Coliseum in Uniondale, NY – Kev and Rev’s Awesome Parking Lot BBQ.

9. I fly to Mexico to marry two of my dearest friends and eat a burger with my wife that is SO DAMN GOOD, A Hamburger Today asks for the review;  Wicky’s – La Hamburguesa de Sus Sueños.

8. My third TV taping in the year 2010 (spoiler alert) this time eating a 50 LB burger with the Food Network’s Tom Pizzica; Clinton Station Diner – Burger Fame of the Ancient Greeks.

7. The day I was limo driven to my “Burger King” crowning ceremony; Burger King – Our Broiler Can Beat Up Your Broiler.

6. Peanut butter guber burgers and bacon cookies for my lovely wife Cara’s birthday, the meal that launched and key relationship with Andrew from RUB BBQ – Birthday Burgers and Bacon Cookies.

5. It’s easier to get the Pope on the phone then get into this event, unless you’re Burger Famous like the Rev; Shake Shack, Bobby Flay and the Hurricane Club Victories at the Blue Moon Burger Bash presented by Pat LaFrieda Meats, hosted by Rachael Ray.

4. When Kevin Lyman and John Reese ask you to create a burger, you don’t just slap some cheese on a bun, you go to the Black Shack on Lex with Buckshot from “Mosh Potatoes” and create the burger that becomes a national press story;  THE MAYHEM BURGER! Official burger of the The Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival.

3. At age 16, my Dad convinced me that the coolest thing a man could do was own a bar that served burgers and beer. At age 37, my friend Marc, Rob and I opened that bar in his honor; That Burger Tent at Idle Hands Bar / Billy Hurricane’s.

2. A new burger joint opens up and my #1 burger eatin’ buddy leaves town; brgr Upper East Side Launch – A Bittersweet Bite.

1. January 22nd, 2010 – The day that changed, my life forever. My very first ever burger from the Grill ‘Em All Truck and the day that Chef Ryan Harkins and Matt Chernus came into my life. Grill ‘Em All Truck – Patty In The Parking Lot. Since then we’ve been on TV several times, created the Grill ‘Em All NYC “Victory Lap,” (one of the most exciting food events of 2010) and I now proudly call them not only friends but also clients.

The Travel Channel’s “Food Wars” & the Grill ‘ Em All Truck – Look Ma’, I’m Burger Famous!!

Grill ‘Em All Truck – Revolver Golden Gods.

Grill Em All Truck – The Food Network’s “Great Food Truck Race”

Grill ‘Em All NYC Victory Lap Sells Out

Honorable Mention

In January of 2007, 2 men had an argument over where to get the best hot wings in New York City. The debate grew intense and while an audience watched, they agreed to battle it out, wing vs. wing, to see who was right. Some rules were established, some friends were invited and some wings were eaten. In the end, everyone had so much fun that we decided to do it again, and again and again. Thus, the NYC Wing-Off was born.

It’s been years in the making with only one goal in mind, find the best medium and hot wings in NYC. Along the way we have had some fantastic wings, we’ve seen amazing wings be defeated by slightly more amazing wings and we were even invited into a kitchen to design our own wing recipe; “Don’t Stop Believin” sauce, we’ve donated to cancer research and now we can say, we have found the best hot wings in New York City.

The bracket challenge to crown a champion for the best medium and hot wings in New York city came to a close on Saturday, September 25, 2010. On that day, Bar Coastal was crowned the winner and awarded the Burger Conquest Hot Golden Cock Trophy. Wing-Off 14 – The Finals – Wogie’s vs. Lansdowne Road vs. Bar-Coastal

A raging burger salute to our readers, my fellow Conquesters and all the fine places that made 2010 a Glorious Pursuit For Delicious Burgers. Here’s to a VERY Burger Famous 2011.

See the 12 Days of Burgers from 2009.

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