Kate’s Joint – Veggie Blogger Conquest, National Hamburger Month

Kate’s Joint
58 Avenue B
New York, NY 10009

Day 24

Eating 31 Burgers in 31 days to celebrate National Hamburger Month hasn’t been the easiest task. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Burgers and am still enjoying each and everyone of them but there is some wear and tear. Leading into each meal, my excitement isn’t what it normally is, then I sit down, smell the food and I’m right back. MMMMM BURGERS!!!! In between the Burgers I am trying to eat more healthy options like Salads, Fruit, Veggies, Grilled Chicken, Granola, Yogurt, etc. This means I have lightened up on the other stuff I really enjoy like Tacos, Pizza, Hot Wings, Meatballs, Pasta, Cheesesteaks, etc, etc. It’s all for the great good and I regret nothing!

As I’m planning out the month of Burger lovin’, my daily NearSay update finds it’s way into my inbox and a story catches my eye; “East Village’s Best Veggie Burgers.” Let me back up, are you familiar with the awesome that is NearSay? If you live in NYC, it’s a must read. The site is a hyper local news sources for all things NYC, based upon neighborhood. If you want to know about the latest politics, restaurant openings, cool hang outs, latest shopping, real estate information and night life in your neighborhood, it’s the site to be on. The information is supplied by local writers and bloggers known as “N-Siders” who represent different views and topics around the city. The NearSay team who run the whole site are very progressive about outreach and community with other bloggers and every other week or so are involved in some kind of community gathering. It’s become not only one of my favorite sources for neighborhood news but also a great way to network with other bloggers in this great city, like I did on Day #2 of National Hamburger Month at Delicatessen.

So back to the “East Village’s Best Veggie Burgers,” story…as soon as I read it, I blasted off an email to Sarah Shaker & Morgan Brady from NearSay. “I want to do a NearSay veggie burger meetup for National Hamburger Month!” A few emails later and a NearSay N-Sider, Veggie Burger Meetup was planned. A bunch friends from NearSay joined myself, McKenzie from the MMMGuide and a band of locals who call themselves the New York Natives.

Kate’s Joint has been satisfying a hunger niche in the East Village for years serving a completely vegetarian menu. While they do have “healthy” foods on the menu, the concept at Kate’s is to provide a diner style menu of comfort foods that has absolutely no meat whatsoever. Most food items are also available as a vegan option. It’s really popular with the punk and hardcore community and in general is a well known and respected NYC restaurant. You’ll find things on Kate’s menu like Buffalo Un-Chicken Wings, Philly Not-Steak, “Facon” Bacon Or Un-Turkey Slice amongst Soups, Salads, Pastas as well as a sizable Veggie Burger menu that includes the “Mc-Kate” two Un-Beef Patties, Special Sauce, Lettuce, Cheese, Pickles & Onions on a Whole Wheat Sesame Seed Bun.

I’ve been dying to chomp on some pizza and when I saw the following item on the menu, I knew Kate’s Joint was coming to the rescue! Pizza Burger with Tomato Sauce & Dairy or Non-Dairy Mozzarella on Whole Wheat Focaccia. I was also able to satiate my comfort food cravings with a side of Disco Fries covered with “Mama’s Vegan Gravy” & Melted Dairy Cheese. You’re probably going to argue that I’m only saying this because I’ve eaten so many Burgers this month, but truth be told, this was a GREAT Burger. The Kate’s Burger is made with real chopped and mashed vegetables formed into a Patty with lentils. In all my years of eating Burgers, I have never had a Lentil Burger. Little know dietary fact about your pal The Rev; I LOVE Lentils! Kate’s Tomato Sauce has a great tangy flavor made from an appropriate use of Tomatoes, Garlic and Spices. Big props as well to the Whole Wheat Focaccia which not only has a great taste that accents the spices and flavors of the Sauce, Cheese and Veggie Patty but is also just the right size, forming a prefect Bun-To-Burger ratio.

If you’re looking for a unique and foodie approved Veggie Burger in NYC, there is no need to look further than Kate’s Joint.

8 out of 10 ounces

402 Burgers

May 24, 2011 – 7:54 pm

The Rev Meter for Social Community
The Rev Meter” is a social community meter for assessing how optimized a bar or restaurant is with social networking. By taking what he considers to be the 10 most important social networks and creating a point system, The Rev can accurately asses how well the business is using social networking as a tool. His goal here is to educate and assist great business to better effectively use these tools

Kate’s Joint scores a 1 on The Rev Meter.

4 points or less    You’ve missed the 5 basics and are less than optimized
5 points                 You’ve covered the basics, which is better than most but far from optimized.
6 to 9 points        You’re doing better than most and on your way to becoming a well respected social community whiz.
10 points              Congrats on a perfect score! Are you hiring


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