Pregnant In Heels – They Can’t Keep Me Off TV

Pregnant In Heels

Buckshot, author of Mosh Potatoes, the Rock and Roll Cook Book and good friend to the Burger Conquest, and his amazing wife Lisa are on a new show on Bravo TV called “Pregnant In Heels.” It’s a reality show centered around pregnancy concierge (what the hell does that mean?!?!) Rosie Pope who helps pregnant families become baby ready. You can read more about on their site.

Why is this news on Burger Conquest? Well other than a massive amount of love for Buckshot, Lisa and Mosh Potatoes, yours truly is one their episode! Check out this clip from a party where Lisa sang an absolutely beautiful song about their daughter. You may also recognize the bald dude with the goatee. That’s Marc, one of my co-owners at Idle Hands Bar.

I’m the fella next to Buckshot wearing the Louis Lunch ball cap.

pregnant-in-heels-bravo-david-rev-ciancio-burger-famous-tv-10.01.50 AM

Here is the full scene from the Baby Shower. That’s right Emma, you can thank Uncle Rev for getting Daddy permission to get you that Black Sabbath onsey.

Thanks to Buckshot and Lisa for helping to keep me Burger Famous. The two of you are amazing people, an amazing couple and an amazing parents.

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