Burger Conquest and the Unvegan on Cooking Channels Eat Street

I’m on TV AGAIN & AGAIN!!  This time I can be seen the Cooking Channel’s “Eat Street” Episode 112. That now make 6 networks who have found that putting my mug on broadcast is good for ratings!

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Eat Street

Back in March I flew out to LA to hang with Chef Ryan and Matt from the Grill ‘Em All Truck as they filmed an episode of The Cooking Channel’s “Eat Street.” While out there I met Zack Colman who is more commonly known by the name of his blog, “The Unvegan.” Zack was interview about Grill ‘Em All’s delicious Hamburgers and was the feature commentator for the segment.


However, yours truly was brought in, like always, for some fantastic food commentary and professional on screen eating. It’s a fantastic segment showing off the amazing Grill ‘Em All food and they always funny and creative personalities of Matt and Ryan. Here’s my 3 seconds of fame. Don’t miss it at 00:13-00:16.

Congrats fellas, you’ve earned it.


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