The Sunburnt Cow – Blow Off The Holiday Steam

The Sunburnt Cow
137 Avenue C
New York, NY 10009

When the end of the year comes a knockin’, the holiday cheer starts to spread and we all start looking to blow of some steam with family, friends & co-workers. Whether it’s a nice family meal, a bit of karaoke with your friends or hanging at a bar with your co-workers at the company’s holiday party, the holidays always need a little adult style libation to take off the edge. Well what happens when your “office” is the bar and your co-workers spend their entire year helping people to blow off steam? YOU DO IT TOO … at someone else’s bar!

At my bar, Idle Hands in NYC’s East Village, we’re open 7 days a week to make sure you have a location where you can unload from the daily doldrums with the largest selection of Bourbon in Manhattan and a list of 40+ craft beers that changes almost daily. It’s a fun time working there and all the people who are a part of it are fantastic, but hey man, we need to have fun too. Welcome to the Idle Hands 2011 holiday party. Seeing as Saturday afternoon is the only time we aren’t open, we gathered up to do what you do at our bar, at other bars!

Our day started off at the bright an early hour of Noon (hey, we’re open until 4 am on Friday’s) at Destination Bar & Grille. It’s a great bar with great drinks, great food and run by great people. Since we server drinks all night, our favorite time to imbibe is during the daylight, Destination is perfect as, they’re open at Noon. Not only do they serve Bacon Bloody Mary’s but also Jell-O shots, which makes for a perfect start to the holidays!

I’d rather drink with these people than the finest people on Earth!

From there, it was onto our “brunch” location which basically meant we had to eat some Foodstuffs to soak up all the drinking. We walked over to one of our neighboring bar / restaurants to eat of the Burger Conquest Best Burgers in NYC, the Sunburnt Cow.

The Sunburnt Cow (as well as Bondi Road, owned by the same people) is one of the few spots in NYC where you can chomp on authentic and tasty “Aussie Tucker.” Try the weekend “Endless Brunch“; your choice of entree (if you don’t get the Burger you suck) and unlimited drinks. Sit at the bar for a “counter meal” or ask to be sat on the back patio built to look like a cave. The menu is pretty simple, pick a dish, then pick a drink, then enjoy, all-you-can.

What can I tell you that I haven’t told you before about the Sunburnt Cow? They serve their Burger Australian-style with “the lot.” For those of you unfamiliar with Aussie Slang, that means “everything” and specifically for a Burger, it means Lettuce, Tomato, Fried Onions, Cheese, Bacon, Beet Root, Pineapple and a Fried Egg as toppings. To Australians, it’s as normal as a Burger with Lettuce, Onion, Tomato. For me, it’s simply delicious! Fortunately for me, the waitress misheard my order and my Burger arrived sans Bacon. Why is that a good thing you ask? When I pointed out the discrepancy, she didn’t bring me just the Bacon that should come on the Burger, but instead a whole heaping plateful!

The Sunburnt Cow not only has one of the best and most unique Burgers in NYC but they’re ridiculously fun Brunch is a great excuse to blow of some much needed steam with your mates.

8 out of 10 ounces

Happy Holidays everyone. Nick, Hayat, Josh, Jessica, Rob, Marc and I look forward to filling your 2012 with Bourbon, Beer & Rock.

Dec, 2 2011 – 2:54 pm

465 Burgers

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