7 Bucks – NYC’s First Ever Comic Crawl

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NYC’s First Comic Crawl

There’s no end to the amount of cool things you can do in NYC. With so many great local merchants, creative people and businesses, there is something to suit any interest, every day, all day. Especially if that suit is skin tight, colorful has a symbol on the chest, a cape attached and boots. The folks at 7 Bucks app took their love for local business and comic books & combined them to create the kind of dastardly adventure that the likes of New York City has never seen before; NYC’s First Ever Comic Crawl.

7 Bucks is a free iPhone app that geo-targets you with cool things you can do near you for, you guessed it super sleuth, $7. Local businesses post attractive $7 offers, and users of 7 bucks can see a menu of what they can get, do, or taste nearby, always for just 7 bucks. On Saturday, October 13, 2021, while the NYC Comic Con was in town, armed with only your 7 Bucks app to protect you, you were able to walk around the East Village and unlock $7 offers that also all came with vintage Marvel Comic Books. It made for a very fun afternoon, walking around the East Village with friends and checking great local businesses.

Here’s a sampling of some of the cool stuff offered, all of which came with vintage Marvel Comic Books!

A small Kings County Mac ‘N Cheese and a Pint of Yuengling from East Village Tavern:

A Draft Beer and a Tiki Mug to take home from Otto’s Shrunken Head:

2 Miller Light 16oz Drafts and 2 Kamikaze Shots from Professor Thom’s:

Greenmarket Pretzels and an American Craft Beer from Jimmy’s No. 43:

A Salted Caramel and Ferrero Roche Gelato with a Double Shot of Espresso from Fresco Gelateria (This was AMAZING!):

Your choice of a 1 Jalapeno Margarita or 2 incredibly delicious (trust me on this) Grass Fed Pat LaFrieda Beef Sliders with Poco’s 3 Cheese Blend from Poco:

Not 1, but 2 – 16 ounce Hurricanes from Billy Hurricane’s:

A pint of limited edition Brooklyn Brewery Defender (made in conjunction with the NYC Comic Con) from Idle Hands Bar and an order of Bacon Spiced Tater Tots from That Burger:

Although NYC’s First Ever Comic Crawl has come and gone, the 7 Bucks App is live and kicking & filled with great stuff you can do & get for 7 Bucks in NYC!

575 Burgers

October 13, 2012 – 9:10 pm

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