That Burger at Idle Hands Bar – A High Rating From The Burger Club

That Burger at Idle Hands Bar & Billy Hurricane’s 
25 Avenue B
(between 2nd & 3rd Streets)
New York, NY 10009

Back in August, I received the high honor of being invited to become a member of the “The Burger Club.” This group of Burger enthusiasts gather several times a year with the intent of doing one thing, eating Burgers. With more than 60 members, they have met up over one of my favorite sandwiches more than 30 times. The process is simple, meet up, say hello, induct new members, traditional shot of Jameson Whisky, eat Burgers and then discuss your rating of the Burger with the group. I was inducted at Amity Hall while eating Stuffed Burgers under my new Burger Club name, “The Sizzler.”

When it came to meet up again, we had planned to eat my favorite Burger of all times, Rub BBQ but due to a some jerkwad crashing a car through their front window, the restaurant was closed. A last minute plan went into action and the meeting was moved to my bar, Idle Hands, in the East Village where food is serviced by the amazing That Burger. It’s located upstairs from Idle Hands, inside of Billy Hurricane’s but you can order food to either bar. That Burger uses a secret blend of LaFrieda Beef, fresh produce and only Potato Rolls to serve their Burgers.

The Burgers are freaking awesome and I will not rate them on this site to preserve a little journalistic integrity. But if you want to know how I feel about the Burgers, know that I actively write one of the top Burger sites in the world and personally asked Dan from That Burger to close his tent and move into our bars. Let that speak for itself.

I will tell you this, of all the Burgers served by That Burger, my favorite is “The Blues.” It comes topped with Sauteed Onions, Sauteed Jalapenos & Blue Cheese Crumble. The heat, sweet & savory really come together in this one and it’s quite popular. But seeing as how I can’t rate this Burger, that doesn’t mean The Burger Club can’t!

8.7 out of 10
-The Burger Club

559 Burgers
October 8, 2012 – 8:15 pm

If you want to become a member, drop me a note and tell me why. I will be sure to forward it onto the Burger Club members.

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