6th Annual NYC Food Film Festival – The Best Tasting Film Festival On The Planet

6th Annual NYC Food Film Festival

The NYC Food Film Festival (Oct. 17-­‐21, 2012) and The Chicago Food Film Festival (Nov. 15-­‐17, 2012 are the only festivals in the world where guests get to Taste What They See on the Screen…sometimes right in their seats! Hosted by Travel Channel host George Motz, the documentary filmmaker behind the award-­‐winning “Hamburger America film, book, and mobile app, the Festival presents the best, and the most memorable, of the world’s favorite and exotic foods on the big screen…and then serves them to the guests.

Unless you’ve attended at Food Film Festival event, you have been missing out on the most unique, delicious, fun and awesome Food event known to man. It’s a very simple concept; “Taste What You Seen On The Screen.” While you’re seated in a movie theater, watching a gratuitous film about Food, you are served that exact Food item. Imagine the power corporations would have if while you were watching their commercial on TV, someone knocked on your door and handed you that exact Food? It would be incredible and they can NOT do it, but the Food Film Festival can!!!!

What’s even better, the Food Film Festival is not feeding people pre-made, frozen, re-heated & processed junk. Everything is fresh and artfully prepared from some of the best local Chefs. Even when the Festival has to ship something in that is not local to where the event is being held, it’s made and then shipped as close to the event date as possible.

And it’s also a Film Festival! Just like all the other ones out there, talented Film Makers around the world submit their beautiful Films to the Festival. Then a committee watches them all, chooses participants and then builds events around them. Both the committee and attendees of the Festival view the films and vote for their favorites. During the event itself, an awards ceremony is held and the winners received trophies, in the form of a giant Silver Spoon.

Trust me, this is the BEST Food event on the planet.

Please take a moment and read this excellent post on Serious Eats. It has a great wrap of the events as well as all the category winners from the Festival Awards Ceremony.

I took a ton of photos, ate a bunch of great Food, served a lot of exellent craft Beer and more than anything else, had an amazing time with my friends, helping to raise money for one of my favorite charity organizations, The Food Bank For New York City, which is the beneficiary of the Festival.

Watch the trailer:

Here’s a little bit on each event plus a few “insider pictures.”

Single Malt Whisky: The Islay 8
Link – http://bit.ly/WhiskyNite
Wednesday Night, 10/17/12 (Opening Night)
Featuring the US Premiere of Whisky:The Islay Edition, a tasting of whisky from all 8 distilleries on the Isle of Islay in Scotland, which is renowned for its single malt whiskies, and a special tasting menu by Chef Chris Rendell of Highlands Restaurant.
The Films: Whisky: The Islay Edition, The Benevolent Butcher: Bacon, Cook Book

Farm to Film to Table: Meat Your Butcher
Presented by Frei Brothers Winery and Bon Appétit
Link – http://bit.ly/FarmFilmTable
Thursday Night, 10/18/12, AMC Village 7 Theatres, East Village
Featuring an evening of sustainable meat Butchering and fine organic wine from Frei Brothers Winery, the World Premiere of Meat Hooked! by Suzanne Wasserman, the meat of Fleishers and a butchering demonstration by Jeffrey Ruhalter, the original butcher of Essex Street Market. With Northern Spy Food Co. and vegetarian delights by Chef Amanda Cohen of Dirt Candy. The Films: Meat Hooked!, Farm to Table, Farmer Poet
Get Real Presents to Present Farm to Film to Table VIP Pre-Party
Featuring dishes by Alobar, Alewife, One Mile House and Jimmys No.43

Link – http://bit.ly/IHeartJapan
Friday Night, 10/19/12, AMC Village 7 Theatres, East Village
Featuring the world premieres of New York Cooks for Tohoku with Chefs Boulud, Bouley, Payard, Romano, Telepan and more, and Ramen Dreams who’s star, Chef Keizo Shimamoto, will cook and serve his legendary ramen in the U.S. for the 1st time ever.
The Films: New York Cooks for Tohoku, Ramen Dreams, Tako NY, Sushi: Handcrafted Happiness, Kasadela Izakaya: The House That Chicken Wings Built
Chefs Craig Koketsu, Tadashi Ono, Francois Payard, Michael Romano and Bill Telepan will serve dishes from, and inspired by, the film New York Cooks for Tohoku at I ♥ Japan. Sun Noodle will present Chef Keizo Shimamoto’s Ramen Experience.

Edible Adventure #005: Sweets, Meats and Fun Buns
Link – http://bit.ly/EdibleAdv
Saturday Afternoon, 10/20/12, AMC Village 7 Theatres, East Village
Featuring Bark Dogs from Brooklyn, Hangover Buns, A Dirt Candy Surprise, Strawberry Pie and Fresh Maple Syrup Taffy!
The Films: A Taste of Home, An L.A. Pastrami Story, Artisan Baker, Bark Butter: Why Every Hot Dog Needs a Little More Pork Fat, Hangover Buns, Mexican Cuisine, Pat and Stick’s Great Big Ice Cream Sandwich Adventure, Sidesaddle Kitchen: Vegan Bakery, Sugar Shack, Brooklynography: Matt & Allison Robicelli, Wooly’s Ice: Pimping Out Mad Flavas of Taiwanese-Style Shaved Ice in New York City
VIP Pre-Party presented by the Korean Food Foundation     

The Food Porn* Party and Awards Ceremony
Presented by In The Raw
Hosted by NBC’s Cat Greenleaf of Talk Stoop
Link – http://bit.ly/FoodPornParty
Saturday Night, 10/20/12, AMC Village 7 Theatres, East Village
Featuring Extreme Eats, Close-Ups, Food Burlesque and more! Eat Seattle’s Hand-Forged Top Pot Doughnuts, Brooklyn Star Pig Tails and more from Dirt Candy and Saxon+Parole. Meet Food Porn star Larry Cauldwell and enjoy a special performance by the Sundelles. Featuring Chefs Brad Farmerie, Amanda Cohen and more. The Films: 10,000 Cases, Bon Appetit, By the Fireside with Larry: The Zimlet, Deep-Fried Tofurky: A Thanksgiving Miracle, Dog Eats Dream, Food Porn, How to Make Vietnamese Coffee, The Benevolent Baker: Doughnuts, The Benevolent Baker: Bacon
David Burke Kitchen to Present VIP Pre-Party at The Food Porn Party

As the Food Film Festival’s Beer Sommelier & Director of Brand Partnerships, I get to execute a special part of the Food Porn Party, BEER PORN! What is Beer Porn you ask? That’s when I take a number of different tasty Craft Beers and mix them together like the mad scientist of suds that I am to create delicious Beer Mixology Concoctions.  This includes the official Beer Cocktail of the Food Film Festival; The Hopsploitation, A spicy and sweet Shandy made with a Lagunitas IPA gratuitously fornicated with a Bruce Cost Unfiltered Fresh Ginger Ale.

Here is the 2012 NYC Food Film Festival year’s Beer Porn Menu:

The Lowcountry Oyster Roast (Closing Night Event)
Link – http://bit.ly/OysterRoast
Sunday Evening, 10/21/12, IndieScreen, Williamsburg
Featuring an Exclusive Screening of The Mud and The Blood and an all-you-can-eat Bulls Bay oyster roast. Charleston’s own Hominy Grill + Chef Robert Stehling will round out the southern coastal feast and M Shanghai String Band will perform.
The Films: The Mud and the Blood, Mickle’s Pickle, Tic-Tac-Toe Chicken and Mama Sugar’s Sweet Potato Cobbler.

The Food Film Festival is a true herculean effort put together by a very small but passionate and talented people. I am truly honored to be working with such great people on such a great event. Thank you to EVERYONE who set up, tore down, cooked, served, cleaned, organized, drove, dropped-off, picked-up, delivered and a million other small tasks that come together to make the Food Film Festival a massive success.

What a way to spend my 4th Burgerthday, AKA the anniversary of the very FIRST ever Burger Conquest.

Delicious Burgers courtesy Pop’s of Brooklyn. Burger-hilarity courtesy of Festival Director George Motz, Festival Executive Producer Seth Unger & Festival Director of Service, Artie S. Unger.

Pop’s of Brooklyn
167 Bedford Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11211

8 out of 10 Ounces

576 Burgers

October 18, 2012 – 12:11 am

See you for the 3rd Annual Chicago Food Film Festival:
November 15-17, 2012!

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