Nora’s Luvin Spoonful – A Roadside Burger Fix

Nora’s Luvin Spoonful
141 Kirks Raod
Narrowsburg, NY 12764


New York is a crazy fast paced town where the slow get elbowed in the subway and the weak are forced to move to New Jersey. Those of us that love it here, live for the intensity that the big Apple offers. We throw ourselves face first into the action and suck up every last minute of it’s energy. But once in awhile, you need to unplug from the action and let your system reset. Getting away and enjoying a low key and fun weekend with friends is just what I need every summer to help let me hit that reset button. That’s the reason I plan an annual “birthday camping” trip to Lander’s River Trips Skinner’s Falls Campground.

Lander’s has 10 total locations but the one we like is located in Narrowsburg, NY, just about 30 miles West of Monticello along the bank of the Delaware River. For us it’s a complete camping experience with sites, bathrooms, hot showers, picnic tables, a general store and canoeing and rafting options. Nearly all the Food we eat is cooked on a grill or made on top of a picnic table and purchased from  Peck’s Market.  The annual trip is really just a 36 hour tailgate and rafting trip. This year however, there was one meal eaten at a restaurant.

Nora’s Lovin’ Spoonful is a roadside Custard stand that also offers Hamburgers, Hot Dogs, Salads, Sandwiches, and other picnic fare. With the wide array of flavors owner Nora Manzolillo offers her customers, it’s no wonder that the Custard is the main attraction. Some highlights include Chocolate Peanut Butter, Espresso and Watermelon Lemon. All seating is outside but is covered underneath a pavilion. Nora uses only fresh Ground Beef from a local Jewish Butcher, Kagan’s Meat. It’s an 80/20 Beef mix that’s served on a simple white squishy Bun with the standard Lettuce, Onion, Tomato & Cheese  and Pickle slices on the side. The Burgers are made fresh to temperature once they’ve been ordered and if your there at the right time, cooked by Nora herself.

This is not the kind of Burger you can find in New York City. Nora’s Lovin Spoonful serves a Hamburger that you can only get at a picnic or a roadside stand outside the walls of a big city. It’s a no frills, juicy, fresh Hamburger with a thick piece of American Cheese served ala picnic style on a paper plate. The tasty French Fries are served with skin on. Nora cuts her own potatoes and soaks them in water and vinegar before frying. All the picnic style Salads are made fresh in house. We tried the juicy and savory Bean Salad, the crunchy Cole Slaw and the delicious Spicy Sesame Noodle Salad made with Penne Pasta. There isn’t really a whole lot else happening in Narrowsburg but if you need a Burger fix while in the area, Nora’s Lovin Spoonful is the place to go.



Lander’s River Trips
P.O. Box 500
5961 State Route 97
Narrowsburg, NY 12764

It’s the same trip and the same photos every year: tents, fire, river, food, rafting, friends and fun.  This year however, the photos are courtesy of Melinda Oswandel, photographer, camper, wife and owner of one of the cutest dogs I’ve ever met; Dobby.


646 Burgers

July 20, 2013

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