Bacon and Beer Classic NYC 2014 at Citi Field

Bacon and Beer Classic
Citi Field Ballpark
123-01 Roosevelt Ave
New York, NY 11368



What’s better than bacon? You might think the obvious answer is “nothing,” but the right answer is “more Bacon!” What’s better than more Bacon? More Bacon and Craft Beer…in festival form! Thankfully the fine folks at Cannonball Productions feel so strongly about this that they created the Bacon and Beer Classic. 

Bacon Cheeseburgers from Schweid and Sonsbacon_and_beer_classic_nyc_citi_field_2014_burger_conquest_winners_photos_information_41

In their own words, the bacon and beer classic is a one-of-a-kind event hosted inside major league baseball stadiums across America. It is a premier experience focused on traditions where one’s nostalgia of baseball meets their love for bacon and beer. As the up to 10,000 attendees walk through the stadium they will get a taste of history through the hundreds of craft brew samples and mouth-watering bacon-inspired tastes local restaurants cook up.Live music will get people dancing, interactive games will bring out their inner kid, and the cooking demos and beer schools will teach everyone – from the expert to the novice – a thing or two about bacon and beer.

Sounds good right? Wait until you see how it looks.


BLT Cup from Ribs Within

For those with a VIP pass it meant 4 non-stop hours of eating Bacon dishes from all kinds of restaurants and suppliers and sampling of what felt like an un-ending sea of Craft Beers. Lucky enough for me, I was asked to be a judge of the event and got to attend both the brunch and evening sessions. That meant Bacon after Bacon after Bacon after Bacon and all washed down with all sorts of IPAs, White Beers, Porters, Stouts, Ciders and other Crafted Beers.

Bacon Mini Burgers from F.Ottomanelli Burgers & Belgian Friesbacon_and_beer_classic_nyc_citi_field_2014_burger_conquest_winners_photos_information_8952

It was my duty (and honor) to taste all the wonderful dishes served along with the other judges. With 50 plus dishes, it was no easy task. Our tasting sheets listing all the Food was 3 full pages long! There were several instances when I thought I couldn’t eat another bite and then after I took a moment to relax, I remembered it was Bacon!

Bacon and Blue Pizza Bites from South Brooklyn Pizzabacon_and_beer_classic_nyc_citi_field_2014_burger_conquest_winners_photos_information_8957

Peanut Butter and Bacon Burger from Whitman’s NYCbacon_and_beer_classic_nyc_citi_field_2014_burger_conquest_winners_photos_information_8964

Bourbon Bacon Mini Donuts from Sweet Dreams

This was not available to eat but the Lardon over a Fire Roasted Corn Salad from Strip House was, I just didn’t take a picture of it.bacon_and_beer_classic_nyc_citi_field_2014_burger_conquest_winners_photos_information_8959

Maple Bacon on a Stick from Landhausbacon_and_beer_classic_nyc_citi_field_2014_burger_conquest_winners_photos_information_24

Truffle Chicken & Smoked Bacon Quesadilla from Crowne Plaza Times Square Brasserie 1605bacon_and_beer_classic_nyc_citi_field_2014_burger_conquest_winners_photos_information_25

Alambre de Tocino from Sembradobacon_and_beer_classic_nyc_citi_field_2014_burger_conquest_winners_photos_information_26

Triple Cut Maple Glazed Bacon Chimichurri from Lexington Brassbacon_and_beer_classic_nyc_citi_field_2014_burger_conquest_winners_photos_information_28

Maple Bacon wrapped Slider stuffed with Brie from The Dog and Duck with a very excited Adam Poch glaring at my bite.) bacon_and_beer_classic_nyc_citi_field_2014_burger_conquest_winners_photos_information_8971

Grilled Bacon Bites from Pig Guy NYCbacon_and_beer_classic_nyc_citi_field_2014_burger_conquest_winners_photos_information_8981bacon_and_beer_classic_nyc_citi_field_2014_burger_conquest_winners_photos_information_8987

The one thing I was not able to do was take photos of all the tasty bites. With dozens and dozens of dishes to eat and rate, I just had too many things going on and too many papers, folders, pens and a tasty cup to carry around. Waaauugh, I know.


Schweid and Sons is a a retail brand of high-quality, fresh, gourmet ground beef made by Burger Maker. The Bacon and Beer Classic was the very first public event that the company has participated in. bacon_and_beer_classic_nyc_citi_field_2014_burger_conquest_winners_photos_information_01

Schweid and Sons served a Bacon Cheeseburger on a Martin’s Potato Roll, made with The Custom Blend: a custom blend of Certified Angus Beef chuck and brisket, for a tender juicy burger.bacon_and_beer_classic_nyc_citi_field_2014_burger_conquest_winners_photos_information_19

Currently it’s available at ShopRite stores around the greater NYC area. bacon_and_beer_classic_nyc_citi_field_2014_burger_conquest_winners_photos_information_39

Was it delicious? I would of course tell you yes, it’s the best Burger Meat available. What happens to it after you get some is up to you.bacon_and_beer_classic_nyc_citi_field_2014_burger_conquest_winners_photos_information_16

But don’t ask me, ask the official judges as they voted it “Judges Choice: Best Bacon Dish.” Let it be known that I abstained from voting once Schweid and Sons was nominated.bacon_and_beer_classic_nyc_citi_field_2014_burger_conquest_winners_photos_information_9071

Enjoy some more Burger glory shots courtesy of Ben Trivett Photography.bacon_and_beer_classic_nyc_citi_field_2014_burger_conquest_winners_photos_information_04bacon_and_beer_classic_nyc_citi_field_2014_burger_conquest_winners_photos_information_07 bacon_and_beer_classic_nyc_citi_field_2014_burger_conquest_winners_photos_information_08 bacon_and_beer_classic_nyc_citi_field_2014_burger_conquest_winners_photos_information_09 bacon_and_beer_classic_nyc_citi_field_2014_burger_conquest_winners_photos_information_10 bacon_and_beer_classic_nyc_citi_field_2014_burger_conquest_winners_photos_information_11bacon_and_beer_classic_nyc_citi_field_2014_burger_conquest_winners_photos_information_34 bacon_and_beer_classic_nyc_citi_field_2014_burger_conquest_winners_photos_information_35 bacon_and_beer_classic_nyc_citi_field_2014_burger_conquest_winners_photos_information_12 bacon_and_beer_classic_nyc_citi_field_2014_burger_conquest_winners_photos_information_13 bacon_and_beer_classic_nyc_citi_field_2014_burger_conquest_winners_photos_information_18bacon_and_beer_classic_nyc_citi_field_2014_burger_conquest_winners_photos_information_20bacon_and_beer_classic_nyc_citi_field_2014_burger_conquest_winners_photos_information_14 bacon_and_beer_classic_nyc_citi_field_2014_burger_conquest_winners_photos_information_22 bacon_and_beer_classic_nyc_citi_field_2014_burger_conquest_winners_photos_information_23bacon_and_beer_classic_nyc_citi_field_2014_burger_conquest_winners_photos_information_36 bacon_and_beer_classic_nyc_citi_field_2014_burger_conquest_winners_photos_information_37 bacon_and_beer_classic_nyc_citi_field_2014_burger_conquest_winners_photos_information_40 bacon_and_beer_classic_nyc_citi_field_2014_burger_conquest_winners_photos_information_42 bacon_and_beer_classic_nyc_citi_field_2014_burger_conquest_winners_photos_information_43 bacon_and_beer_classic_nyc_citi_field_2014_burger_conquest_winners_photos_information_44 bacon_and_beer_classic_nyc_citi_field_2014_burger_conquest_winners_photos_information_45



To be included with this group was a complete honor. Their influence on the culinary and dining culture is incredible and to think I am on some similar level is funny and exciting to me.


We had a blast eating and hanging out but we took our roles very seriously. For each session, we spent nearly a collective hour’s worth of time discussing the nominees and deliberating the winners.

Despite a heavy amount of differentiating opinions, everything ran along smoothly … until Mr. Met showed up in the green room. For those that don’t know, I have a slight case of Masklophobia – fear of mascots/costumes. Everyone else thought this was hilarious. bacon_and_beer_classic_nyc_citi_field_2014_burger_conquest_winners_photos_information_47

Announcing the winners from a top the Mets dugout.bacon_and_beer_classic_nyc_citi_field_2014_burger_conquest_winners_photos_information_50 bacon_and_beer_classic_nyc_citi_field_2014_burger_conquest_winners_photos_information_53 bacon_and_beer_classic_nyc_citi_field_2014_burger_conquest_winners_photos_information_54 bacon_and_beer_classic_nyc_citi_field_2014_burger_conquest_winners_photos_information_55 bacon_and_beer_classic_nyc_citi_field_2014_burger_conquest_winners_photos_information_56 bacon_and_beer_classic_nyc_citi_field_2014_burger_conquest_winners_photos_information_57bacon_and_beer_classic_nyc_citi_field_2014_burger_conquest_winners_photos_information_9105

Bucket list achievement unlocked: selfie of a selfie of me on the Citi Field jumbotron…wearing a Yankees hat. 

TL;DR – There was a lot of Bacon, Beer and delicious Cheeseburgers at the Bacon and Beer Classic at Citi Field.

Watch it in 30 seconds:

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