How To Easily Clean Your Grill Without Burning Yourself

How To Easily Clean Your Grill Without Burning Yourself 
Mr Grill Brass Grill Brush Product Review

There is just nothing like cooking Food on a grill. It doesn’t matter if it’s charcoal, propane, wood fired, smoke, butane or a simple campfire – fire make Food good! It doesn’t even have to be Meat, even Veggies taste great when made they are Grilled. There’s something a special almost atavistic like calling to cooking for your friends and family outdoors. The smell, the accomplishment, the taste, the satisfaction … it’s all a great feeling.

But you know what sucks about Cooking a grill? Clean up. Yeah, scraping the build up after an awesome meal or the rust after a long winter almost makes us just want to  grab the Rotisserie Chicken from the Grocery Store or order Ribs from the local BBQ joint. But we are grillers and we are meant to sear over fire. We may not like it, but we just can’t let a little grill residue stop us from the great tastes.

That’s why I suggest you pick up a brass grill brush from Mr. Grill.



There’s really two advantages to the product, as compared to other grill brushes:

1.  Brass bristles – most grill brushes are made of stainless steel and not only do they wear down over time, they can also scrape up your grill surface.

2. 18″ handle – Mr. Grill’s handle is made out of solid oak and it clocks in at a foot and a half long. What makes that so great? Most grill brushes are 12″ or shorter which means you have to put more leverage and your back into the scrape. That 6″ grill scraper is the absolute worst! And you can pretty much forget about cleaning the grill if it’s still hot as you’re risking serious burn. Even your standard Webber Grill is 22.5″ which is almost twice the length of a standard grill brush. Mr. Grill allows you a longer reach without having to bend over into getting the grill clean.

I recently had some friends over and decided to grill up a couple packages of Schweid & Sons One-Percenter Mini-Burgers. The One-Percenter is made of us fresh ground, Certified Angus Beef® USDA Prime. Only 1.5% of the cattle in the US meets the grade for both CAB & Prime. I think it’s one of the best Burgers out there and jokingly refer to it as the “Cadillac of Ground Beef.”


USDA Prime clocks in at around 75/25 lean to fat ratio which means it’s juicer and in terms of grilling, that means it’s going to be a little messier due to run off. That also means potential flaring which if not cooked properly, Ground Beef can get stuck to the grill surface. Best to have a good cleaning solution ready.


For me, I was also grilling Bacon and even though I was using my awesome non-stick camp griddle from Coghlan’s, I still got grease everywhere.

Mr_Grill_Brash_Grill_Brush_Review_Schweid_and_Sons_On_Percenter_1591 Mr_Grill_Brash_Grill_Brush_Review_Schweid_and_Sons_On_Percenter_1593

This was my first use of Mr. Grill’s brush and I have to say that the grill was cleaned easily and in only moments. I’m not going to make it sound like it made scraping the grill fun but it was definitely was easier to clean with this brush than any other one I’ve ever used. It reached all the way to the back of the grill, removed the residue with ease and did not require to me to lean all the way over and put my back into cleaning off the grill’s surface.

Mr_Grill_Brash_Grill_Brush_Review_Schweid_and_Sons_On_Percenter_1599 Mr_Grill_Brash_Grill_Brush_Review_Schweid_and_Sons_On_Percenter_1601

Full disclosure, I was offered the Mr. Grill bush in exchange for an honest review. Full further disclosure, I work for Burger Maker, the company that makes Schweid & Sons Ground Beef. We cook A LOT of Burgers and it’s obvious I am huge fan of eating them. You tell me but I think you can trust my opinion of the grill brush.

Do you know of a product that makes grilling better and more fun? Tell me about it on Facebook or Twitter.

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