How To Post As Yourself On Facebook Page You Admin

How To Post As Yourself On Facebook Page You Admin

Somethings in life just don’t make sense, like why do you park in a driveway and drive on a parkway or why does quicksand work slowly? We may never know the answers to these questions and may be forced to ponder indefinitely about how much deeper would the ocean be, if SPONGES didn’t grow in it? Might be best to just move on and go back to eating that Cheeseburger.Unless of course your question is “how do I post as myself on the Facebook page that I admin?”

I’ve wondered for years what is the magic secret to unlocking the super power that lets me, Rev Ciancio, make a comment on my Burger Conquest Facebook page and not just post as the entity itself. (I’ll be my Mom is proud to know that she raised an “entity,” at least in the sense of a third person.) There really are times when you’re engaging with a brand on their Facebook and a little human touch would be appropriate. You could take the route of ending a post with your initials to signal that it was you, like “Thanks for the suggestion! I will go eat that Burger. – RC” But that still doesn’t answer the question as to why you can’t.

Well somebody at Facebook finally heard us, and thanks to a recent update, you now can post under your own name on a Facebook page that you admin. Along with your newly found Facebook Super Hero powers, you can now also now use your social media utility belt tag in your friends to pages on that same post. The Evil powers that be no longer prevent you from tagging your BFF, Mom or your friend’s dog (with a Facebook profile) into a post on your page.

Here’s a step by step “how to post as yourself on Facebook page you admin” instruction using a Flipagram video post I recently made to the Burger Conquest Facebook page after a visit to Fanfare Eatery myself.

That being said, if you don’t admin a Facebook page and are here for the Burger Hero Shots, here’s a Fanfare® Signature from Fanfare Eatery in Fairfax, VA.

Fanfare Eatery
13061 Lee Jackson Memorial Hwy
Fairfax, Virginia 22033

The Fanfare® Signature with Cheese – Two 4oz Angus Steakburger patties from Burger Maker topped with American Cheese, Bacon, Grilled Onions, Lettuce and FANFARE’s Special Sauce.

1. While in your browser, find the post on your Facebook page. Underneath the post, but above the comments, you’ll see your pages profile photo as an Icon. Place your cursor over the icon and a pop will confirm which account your comment will come from. The default setting is your page.

how_to_post_as_yourself_on_facebook_page_admin_fanfare_eatery_fairfax_virginia_ 2.12.35 PM

2. Click the icon and a drop down menu will appear. From here you can choose to switch to your personal profile or another Facebook page.

how_to_post_as_yourself_on_facebook_page_admin_fanfare_eatery_fairfax_virginia_ 2.13.57 PM

3. Click on the account you want to post from to confirm. Then you can type into the comment field. Below you will see that I switched from Burger Conquest to Burger Maker.

how_to_post_as_yourself_on_facebook_page_admin_fanfare_eatery_fairfax_virginia_ 2.15.14 PM

The advantage to posting as another Facebook page is that you can tag in other Facebook pages. In this case, I wanted to tag in Fanfare Eatery.

how_to_post_as_yourself_on_facebook_page_admin_fanfare_eatery_fairfax_virginia_ 2.14.45 PM

4. The advantage to posting as yourself on a Facebook page you admin is that you can now tag in your friends. The day I went to Fanfare Eatery, I was with my friend Mike so I wanted to include him in the post.

how_to_post_as_yourself_on_facebook_page_admin_fanfare_eatery_fairfax_virginia_ 2.18.54 PM

If you want to share a post from another Facebook page you can also use this function to choose which account you want to post from. Here’s an example.

1. Let’s say I want to share this Hot Wing promotion from the Fanfare Eatery Facebook page to the Burger Conquest page. Click share underneath the post.

how_to_post_as_yourself_on_facebook_page_admin_fanfare_eatery_fairfax_virginia_06.48 PM

2. A pop up will show with options. Inside the share drop down, choose  “On a page you manage” and in the drop down below it, choose the Facebook page destination.

how_to_post_as_yourself_on_facebook_page_admin_fanfare_eatery_fairfax_virginia_07.12 PM

3. In the drop down to the right, choose which account you want the post to come from. Then type in the message and click “Share Photo.”

how_to_post_as_yourself_on_facebook_page_admin_fanfare_eatery_fairfax_virginia_07.21 PM

That’s it. Now you can share and post from any account you admin. Try your best not to have a bunch of conversations with yourself. That’s creepy and we will know you are just shooting for Facebook karma and the last thing we need is another negative adjustment to their algorithm.

And now for more photos of all delicious Food at Fanfare Eatery. This place has good Food, including their Oreo Sliders. Yes those are a real thing.

how_to_post_as_yourself_on_facebook_page_admin_fanfare_eatery_fairfax_virginia_1493how_to_post_as_yourself_on_facebook_page_admin_fanfare_eatery_fairfax_virginia_1433 how_to_post_as_yourself_on_facebook_page_admin_fanfare_eatery_fairfax_virginia_1434 how_to_post_as_yourself_on_facebook_page_admin_fanfare_eatery_fairfax_virginia_1437 how_to_post_as_yourself_on_facebook_page_admin_fanfare_eatery_fairfax_virginia_1439 how_to_post_as_yourself_on_facebook_page_admin_fanfare_eatery_fairfax_virginia_1442 how_to_post_as_yourself_on_facebook_page_admin_fanfare_eatery_fairfax_virginia_1444 how_to_post_as_yourself_on_facebook_page_admin_fanfare_eatery_fairfax_virginia_1447 how_to_post_as_yourself_on_facebook_page_admin_fanfare_eatery_fairfax_virginia_1450 how_to_post_as_yourself_on_facebook_page_admin_fanfare_eatery_fairfax_virginia_1455 how_to_post_as_yourself_on_facebook_page_admin_fanfare_eatery_fairfax_virginia_1457 how_to_post_as_yourself_on_facebook_page_admin_fanfare_eatery_fairfax_virginia_1461 how_to_post_as_yourself_on_facebook_page_admin_fanfare_eatery_fairfax_virginia_1463how_to_post_as_yourself_on_facebook_page_admin_fanfare_eatery_fairfax_virginia_1450 how_to_post_as_yourself_on_facebook_page_admin_fanfare_eatery_fairfax_virginia_1472 how_to_post_as_yourself_on_facebook_page_admin_fanfare_eatery_fairfax_virginia_1483 how_to_post_as_yourself_on_facebook_page_admin_fanfare_eatery_fairfax_virginia_1484 how_to_post_as_yourself_on_facebook_page_admin_fanfare_eatery_fairfax_virginia_1486



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