How To Use The New FourSquare App – To Find a Great Burger

How To Use The New Foursquare App
– To Search and Find a Great Burger

Foursquare is now two apps, Foursquare and Swarm. One is for getting recommendations, the other is for finding your friends who are sharing their location.

Confusion over? Chances are no, you’re still a little cloudy.  I agree, it’s pretty confusing considering Foursquare used to do both at the same time. However the people behind Foursquare decided these were too different of needs and split them into two apps. Either that or they got the server that housed Foursquare wet and it split off another Mogwai. Hopefully they are able to keep from doing uploads after midnight so we don’t end up with a Gremlin app that lets you check-in and simultaneously destroy a small town around the holidays.

If you want to check-in to places, share your location or photos and find your friends while competing for Mayor Crown badges, use Swarm. You’ll want to use Foursquare now as a recommendation engine to find places, businesses and things to do. It’s like a highly customizable version of Yelp in app form that will not only learn your preferences over time but also source suggestions based on your network. Pretty cool eh? Let’s dig in.

Here’s a step by step “how to use the new Foursquare app to search” instruction using photos of a Burger I recently ate with my buddy George (who also happens to be my lawyer) at the Pound and Pence in NYC’s Financial District.

Pound & Pence
55 Liberty St
New York, NY 10005

The London Burger – a 10oz Certified Angus Beef® Steakburger from Burger Maker cooked with Fullers Beer and topped with Onions, Thyme, Cumin, Gouda Cheese & Caramelized Onions.

Download the Foursquare app onto your iPhone or Android device.

1. Open the app on your phone, you’ll be on the search screen.


2. If you’re located in the area where you want to find something, skip down to #3. If not, tap on “Within 1.0 miles of you.” You will be taken to a map screen where you can physically drag to the area you want to find a Burger. You can make the area larger or smaller by swiping two finger tips on the screen together or apart. You can also search other areas by taping “Search for a location” and typing in a city or a neighborhood. Once you’ve honed in, tap “Done.”

how_to_use_new_foursquare_to_search_for_restaurants_pound_and_pence_burger_conquest_nyc_financial_district_1312 how_to_use_new_foursquare_to_search_for_restaurants_pound_and_pence_burger_conquest_nyc_financial_district_1315

3. Once you’ve chosen, you’ll be taken back to the main screen. Here you can scroll through the main categories like Lunch, Dinner, Coffee, Fun and more. Popular laces in your search area that fit the category will start to auto-populate. You can also type out a more specific search, like “Burgers” by typing it into the “Search Foursquare bubble.


Need more than 1 qualifier? You can type it into the search at the same time. I was looking to take my buddy George out for a Burger and Beer, so I searched both words.


Want to narrow down your search by price, features, whether you have checked in there or not and other qualifiers? All those options are available to help you customize and narrow down your search.

how_to_use_new_foursquare_to_search_for_restaurants_pound_and_pence_burger_conquest_nyc_financial_district_1310 how_to_use_new_foursquare_to_search_for_restaurants_pound_and_pence_burger_conquest_nyc_financial_district_1311

4. A list of places that fit your search will populate the screen. In this case, I found Pound and Pence, an authentic English-style pub known for great food in a relaxed atmosphere.


5. Once you’ve selected a location you can find all of the following information to help you:

  • Address
  • Description
  • Phone Number
  • Menu
  • Hours
  • Reviews
  • Tips
  • Map with travel time
  • Link to delivery

and just about anything you need to know about the business.

how_to_use_new_foursquare_to_search_for_restaurants_pound_and_pence_burger_conquest_nyc_financial_district_1319 how_to_use_new_foursquare_to_search_for_restaurants_pound_and_pence_burger_conquest_nyc_financial_district_1320 how_to_use_new_foursquare_to_search_for_restaurants_pound_and_pence_burger_conquest_nyc_financial_district_1321 how_to_use_new_foursquare_to_search_for_restaurants_pound_and_pence_burger_conquest_nyc_financial_district_1322how_to_use_new_foursquare_to_search_for_restaurants_pound_and_pence_burger_conquest_nyc_financial_district_1328

If you are already at the location and want to share a photo and or leave a tip or review of your own, you would do it from this screen as well. Just check-in by hitting the Swarm button or tap the review button in the upper right corner. The Foursquare app allows you to share multiple photos at once.


Constantly searching for the same thing or just want to customize your recommendations? Tap “Profile” in the lower right corner and then swipe the top of your profile to the left until you see your tastes. Tap them and you can select things you like.

how_to_use_new_foursquare_to_search_for_restaurants_pound_and_pence_burger_conquest_nyc_financial_district_1297 how_to_use_new_foursquare_to_search_for_restaurants_pound_and_pence_burger_conquest_nyc_financial_district_1298 how_to_use_new_foursquare_to_search_for_restaurants_pound_and_pence_burger_conquest_nyc_financial_district_1299


Want to know some of my suggestions and tips on where to get a good Burger (and other tasty eats)? Check out my profile on Foursquare.


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