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Dear Friends of the Burger,

It is with great excitement that I announce the return of the Burger-oriented content that I shared on my blog what it was since its inception in 2008. If you have ever enjoyed, shared or liked anything that has graced the cyber walls of this blog, thank you. It’s because of you that I can now proudly announce that I will be creating new Burger-oriented content for Schweid & Sons.

SS-Logo-horizontal-whiteSchweid & Sons is a family-owned and operated fourth generation ground beef purveyor located in Carlstadt, N.J., supplying the highest quality of product and customer service in the food service and supermarket industry. Schweid & Sons offers a range of quality products including Certified Angus Beef®, Angus chuck, prime and ground chuck patties and ground beef. Schweid & Sons: The Very Best Burger.


Schweid & Sons is owned by Burger Maker, Inc. In November of 2013, I was hired as the Director of Marketing for Burger Maker, where I’ve helped create and launch the Schweid & Sons brand.  Since coming to the company, I stopped reviewing Burgers for Burger Conquest — but it hasn’t stopped me from sharing my Burger adventures and insight with the known burgerverse, mostly through the Schweid & Sons social media profiles.

With the launch of the new Schweid & Sons blog, I am now once again creating burger content — but better than ever. The content I will be creating for the Schweid & Sons blog will focus on expert insights, useful tips, news, events and a guide to ground Beef. Through this opportunity, I am going to be able to explore the world of ground Beef with the mission of helping to educate everyone (myself included) on all there is know about Burgers, ground Beef — and the people behind the Burger business.

Coming along with me to the Schweid & Sons blog will be one of the most popular and fun features from Burger Conquest, The Cattle Call. The Cattle Call is a series of interviews with the people who make us, bring us and tell us about Burgers. Check out the very first Cattle Call interview to appear on the Schweid & Sons blog: Dr. Phil Bass, the Corporate Meat Scientist from Certified Angus Beef ®.

So with that, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for supporting my Burger enthusiasm and ultimately providing me with this opportunity. I hope to keep the conversation going with you via Schweid & Sons.

Stay tuned to the Schweid & Sons blog for announcements on The Burger Week in NYC, Florida & Charleston.

Sincerely, your Burger lovin’ bud,

The Rev
I’d like to thank a few people who made this possible.















George has a lot of credentials:

Some even call him the “Indiana Jones of Hamburgers,” but to me he is my friend and Burger buddy. I’ve never met anyone in my life is whose passion for Hamburgers is more intense and more unwavering than George’s. But beyond that he is an excellent photographer, amazing filmmaker, wonderful father / husband and most importantly to me, a great friend. If it were not for his advice, guidance and support, I would not be in this position. I will forever be grateful to Adam Kuban from Margot’s Pizza for introducing me to George.


















These two brothers have spent their entire lives surrounded by Burgers and still wake up everyday as passionate as ever about the product, the company and the people that make them. They are a constant source of inspiration, drive and creativity. There are 3 things that they hold to the highest standards at Schweid & Sons:

1. Quality of product
2. Outstanding customer service
3. Employee empowerment

It’s because of this I don’t feel like I work at the company. Rather, I feel like I am a part of the company. Ideas and motivation are encouraged and a passion for Burgers is certainly encouraged.

david-schweid-and-sonsThe man, the myth, the Burger legend. He would never say that because he is so humble and appreciative, but it’s true. I am thankful that back in 1978 David decided to start making fresh, high-quality, ground Beef Burger at his little shop on Gansevoort Street in New York’s meatpacking district and start delivering them to restaurants in NYC. David was all about better Burgers before it ever became a restaurant segment and still to this day strives to make the very best burger at Schweid & Sons. I learn more and more from him every day.


















Yeah, that’s my Mom. She loves Hamburgers. She also happens to love me so it all works out. My passion for Burgers, in part, comes from my Mom’s love of Hamburgers, especially sliders. When I was growing up, we used to go get them on special occasions like birthdays and Mother’s Day. It was a treat I always looked forward to.

david-allen-dadMy Dad LOVED Hamburgers. We ate them all the time and I learned a lot of my grilling skills from him. I’ll never forget the day he decided it was time for me to start on my path to grill mastery:

“I’m going to teach you how to grill,” he said to me.
“How hard can it be?” I looked back at him, shrugging it off. “You put the burger on the grill. It turns brown. You flip it … and it’s done.”
“Oh yeah?” He looked at me defiantly. “Go inside and get me two eggs.”

He then made me an omelet on the grill and my young mind was blown. That’s exactly where my love affair with grilling, particularly Hamburgers, began. The only thing my Dad liked more than eating Burgers was eating them with his friends — and that is the original inspiration behind the Burger Conquest.

CARA LYNN SHULTZcara-lynn-shultz-rev-david-ciancio










Cara is my best friend and my wife, and she is also an incredibly talented author. I have never in my life met someone who is as creative, funny and caring as she is. I am deeply in love with Cara and appreciate every day that I get to spend with her. Despite the fact that I won’t eat Seafood and she loves it, Cara has supported my Burger obsessiveness through and through.

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