The Greatest Moment in Vegetable History: FRENCH FRIES

And on the 5th day, we pay respect to the greatest moment in vegetable history: FRENCH FRIES.

People think of french fries as a side item. How would you feel if that’s how your best friend, boss, colleague, client or other associate introduced you?

Fries are not an add-on. Crispy taters are not riding shotgun.

French fried potatoes, in all forms, are an award. They validate the existence of other food items in your plate. Often times, they can even save a meal already in despair. “Well that Burger sucked, but at least the Fries were good.” It’s happened to you, don’t lie.

So on this #FryDay and every Friday, I urge you salute the mighty fry by choosing to dine at a restaurant that knows the value of a good french fry.

Here’s a recommendation in NYC: The Breslin. They with one of the best lamb Burgers you’ll ever eat.

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