Is This The Best Pizza In Point Pleasant NJ?

Googled “best pizza Jenkinson’s.” Joey Tomato came up in the top spot.

I figured it would be the same frozen schlock, reheated and mass produced to quickly appease tourists and maximize profit. I mean, that’s how food on Jersey shore boardwalks work, amiright?

Glad to say that’s definitely NOT the case with Mr. Tomatoes. In fact, is rank his Pizza top 10 I’ve ever had in NJ!

This is a chorizo slice with red onions and cherry peppers. It was my 2nd fave of 5 SLICES I ate. First place goes to the tomato pie but the picture didn’t look as good.

In the words of my pals @yougottaeatthis, #YouGottaEatThis. And the go get the tomatoes scared out of you by clowns at the funhouse.

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