The New York Pizza for Crust Junkies

Baking and breads fanatics, tune in. Pizza crust haters, please move along.

Go eat Corner Slice. It’s a pizza spot from the found of Ivan Ramen.


Yup. And the focus of the pie is not the red sauce, the cheese or other stops, although those are really important and good, this place is all about the dough.

They start with spelt and durum wheat blend from Central Milling. The dough undergoes a 60-hour fermentation at 80 percent hydration. The dough has a starter as well as some cake yeast. This process creates a crispier crust (it’s delicious) and lower levels of gluten.

After the dough is done fermenting, it gets par-baked and then topped. Once you place an order, the pizza is finished off quickly in the oven. While it results in a thicker piece of pizza, it’s actually much lighter than you expect.

What I’m trying to say is that it’s a crust lovers pie.

And if you’re into tomato pies (look it up if you don’t know), which I most certainly am, start with one of those slices. I’m willing to volley it’s the best tomato pie in NYC, even though it’s a very different crust type than normally on a tomato pie.

Once you’ve fully appreciated the dough and delicious sauce, then you can try cheese, white pie and meat topped options.

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