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The Sandwich You Need To Eat Before You Die, That Might Make You Die

Have you ever a “Fat Sandwich?” Its a sandwich served on a long roll with a number of different ingredients like Burgers, cheesesteak, gyro, falafel, cheese, chicken fingers, sauces, ketchup, lettuce, bacon, tomatoes, eggs, mozzarellas cheese and almost always topped … Continue reading →

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What To Do When You Contract Pastramitis

There’s nothing like real pastrami from a Jewish deli. When you’re in crave mode, nothing else will do. Sure you can get a quick fix on at any deli or by purchasing some at your local grocery, but you’re really … Continue reading →

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Behold! Mount Italy – A Sandwich Worth Conquering

You gotta get to the nearest Arby’s right now and eat this! Its only on the menu while they have the smoked Italian Porchetta available. Mount Italy is NOT on the menu so you have to ask for it by name. I … Continue reading →

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The Increíble Chicken Torta From Tortaria

It’s seldom that I get excited, and I mean REALLY amped, about a chicken sandwich. In fact, most times when I’m eating a ??, I’m wishing it was a ?. So with that in mind, I’m telling you that the Milanesa … Continue reading →

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