All American Hamburger – First McDowell’s, now McShimmel’s?

All American Hamburger
4286 Merrick Road
Massapequa, NY 11758

Voted Long Island’s best burger by City’s Best (AOL), All American Burger is what I deem to be a slice of Americana. What they describe as a Drive-In means walk-up counter service only. There’s no dining room so technically all orders are too go but one could sit at the picnic tables outside. The menu is simple, VERY SIMPLE; burgers, fries, dogs, fish, shakes, rings, knishes and sodas. Best know what you want before you get to the counter, this place moves FAST.

A band we manage, Shadows Fall, was playing the Crazy Donkey in Farmingdale, NY on Long Island, Knowing we were coming out for the show, Burger Conquest friend Pat Egan, invited Jackie, Tim and I to join him in something Long Islander’s have enjoyed since 1963.

The lines were long but they moved quick so it was important to have my order before I got to the counter. No problem, I always go for the same: burger, fries, soda/beer. Pat suggested the “Double D0uble” which is just a double cheeseburger. Then for some fries, no wait a minute, did I read it correctly? I had the option of a Knish! A Knish is a Yiddish snack food with a crispy crust and creamy mashed potatoes on the inside. Order placed. The burger was good. Right amount of grease, salt and cheese. In a blind test, it would probably beat out McDonald’s but seated next to one, you wouldn’t see the difference.

The real winner at All American Hamburger? Well, Tim might tell you it was the Wiener girl, but I will tell you the knish was on the best i have ever had. Really crunchy outside, really creamy inside. After listening to me go on and on it about, Jackie and Tim went back in and got their own. After staring at the team of people surrounding 2 grills full of high speed burger prep, I got another Double Double.

6 out of 10 ounces


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3 Responses to All American Hamburger – First McDowell’s, now McShimmel’s?

  1. Tim Tats says:

    Easy review…

    Burger = 6/10
    Knish = 9/10
    Hot Dog = 8/10
    Wiener Girl = 11/10

  2. Anonymous says:

    I live in the area and get burgers from here all the time.

    I recommend you go with the quarter pounder next time instead of the double double!

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