White Castle – Somebody Call My Pusher

White Castle
525 8th Ave
New York, NY 10018

More than 80 years ago, White Castle started serving up melt-in-your mouth sliders to Americans as the first fast-food hamburger chain ever. Today people still Crave them and to prove it, we ate more than 500,000,000 in 2008!! (It’s true.) In fact, according to them, “First industrial-strength spatula. First mass-produced paper hat. First to sell a million hamburgers. First to sell a billion hamburgers. First frozen fast food for sale.” And according to me, the first burger I call out for after a few adult beverages!! That’s exactly what happened this night. On our way back from an awesome Shadows Fall show and Burger Conquest on Long Island, Jackie, Tim and I decided to feed the crave.

They almost didn’t survive the 14 block drive home. Castle Burgers are an institution. You could definitely get a better quality burger but you wont find a more tasty piece of heaven with this kind of consistency at this late an hour. You walk in the and the warming lights, the beckoning smell, the stumble across the restaurant, the blank stare at the menu with a whopping 6 items on it and the order, which is always bigger than your stomach can handle, comes falling out of your mouth. A few minutes later and sliders are melting in your mouth. They’re small. They’re greasy. They’re steam grilled. They’re covered in onions and THEY’RE DELICIOUS…especially after you have been drinking. Combo’d with some chicken rings and mozzarella sticks and you got a great late night treat

White Castle’s – hamburger’s answer to heroine.

7 out of 10 ounces

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  1. only a 6/10? traitor.

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