Good Dog Bar – A Money Shot in the City of Burgerly Love

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Hear about us via Sirius27 XM42 “Liquid Metal“? Here is the picture from the interview;

Good Dog Bar
224 South 15th St
Philadelphia, PA 19102

I was meeting up with the band Poison the Well who we manage and are out on the road supporting their amazing new album, “The Tropic Rot.” The band was kicking off the 10 For 10 Tour in Philadelphia at the Trocadero and not only did I want to see the band and the tour, I wanted to take my buddies for a burger. I asked you, our readers for a suggestion via the Burger Conquest twitter and an out pouring of support for the Good Dog bar came back.

We started off with an appetizer of the Baked Macaroni and Cheese, made from a blend of Gruyere, aged White Cheddar, aged Gouda and a Bechamel sauce and then topped with corn flakes. On the side? A blue berry corn muffin. Damn if this wasn’t some of the tastiest mac that’s every graced my palette. The combo bite of mac, flake and muff was a real tongue tantalizer.

Most of us ordered the signature 1/2LB “Good Dog Burger”which is stuffed with Roquefort, topped with caramelized onions and served in between a toasted brioche. Pretty fancy for a pub using a bunch of canine puns, but when there is a signature, you gotta go with it. The burger arrived and after the obligatory round of photos, I picked it up and got ready to sink that bad boy into my slop gullet. I bit in and … BOOOOOM!!!!! the Roquefort had melted inside into a burger lava and it exploded all over my face, shirt, arm and shorts. I was in a total state of shock as I realized that I just got a money-shot from a burger! I was absolutely covered in hot cheese. I gather myself back together and ate the rest of the burger. Although cooked as ordered, medium rare, all I could taste was the cheese. It was over powering the entire sandwich and was just too much. What I could taste of the burger didn’t impress me much. BUT the fries, oh man, the mix of regular and sweet potato fries were awesome!

“I got the traditional medium with Cheddar, lettuce, tomato and a smidge of mayo.What can I say, its a burger. Didn’t blow my mind but wouldn’t kick it out of bed for eating chips. When the bun lingers in your memory more than the hunk of beef sitting between it, it’s never a good thing. This is exactly what happened here. Conclusion. Good not great.”
-Brad Grace, Poison the Well

“Being a Philly native I had high hopes for this joint. I got a traditional burger. While it was good it was just good cause it was a burger. I ordered a medium burger and it was more to the well side. The meat had good flavor but it didn’t really stand out. Overall a 5. One of my comrades had the signature burger and it tried to sexually assault him.”
-Ryan Primack, Poison the Well

“Good dogs sweet potato and potato fries were the winning part of my meal. I wish I could say the same for the beautifully presented bomb which was the good dog burger filled with Roquefort. Delicious sounding idea on paper but horrible if you want you want to taste anything other than the Roquefort itself. My guts weren’t happy but good atmosphere and from what I hear my decision to eat the cheese filled hamburger was the only potential order regret that was on the menu. Good dog Roquefort burger gets a 4 only because the fries were awesome. ”
– Jeff Moreria, Poison the Well

5 out of 10 ounces

The concept is great and the name says it all, “10 For 10 Tour, 10 hardcore bands for 10 hard earned dollars.” Each night the line up changes with some bands only playing certain shows, Poison the Well and Terror however, are on the whole tour. For the kick-off at the Troc, the line was as follows:

The Ghost Inside
Crime in Stereo
Trapped Under Ice
Death Before Dishonor
This is Hell
War of Ages
Poison the Well

The top 6 bands shared gear and made for quick change overs and not a moment of down time. All of them are worth checking out. NJ’s Vision showed why after 19 years of playing hardcore they still hold a special place in people’s record collections.

Up next, the most NYC sounding LA based hardcore band ever, the mighty Terror. Scott Vogel and crew got the crowd riled up for some mosh madness and really proved why they are a headliner on this tour.

Madball gave the crowd a good ole NYC style lesson in hardcore. These guys are still keeping the NYC hardcore scene and live and well ever since it’s home, CBGBs turned into a fashion store. Freddy, Hoya, Mitts and Ben served up an auditory beat down that practically left the crowd in pieces. “It’s all about the ‘Ball!”

Taking the stage last and still full from eating burgers, Poison the Well closed out the show with a set of songs spanning their entire catalogue. The “Pee-Tee-Dubs” have been twisting hardcore on it’s ear for more than a decade. Their latest release, “The Tropic Rot” is a progressive and intricate blast of progressive punk and hardcore with the texture of a Pink Floyd record. They truly stand out from the pack and have the fans to prove it. Philly supported accordingly.

10 out of 1o dollars / bands

SURPRISE! C’mon! You really didn’t think we would go all the way to Philly and not get a cheese steak did you?!?! After the show, Adam. Brad Grace and I made our way over to Jim’s Steaks on South Street. There are a ton of options in Philly for cheese steaks but Jim’s is the best in the biz. They chop their meat, while others slice it and use fresh Amaroso rolls. Don’t be a fool and go with any other kind of cheese, it’s all about the Whiz and I always go “WIT.

8 out of 10 ounces
(It would’ve gotten a 9 but they didn’t give me the extra Whiz I requested)

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